Streak the Creek

1.5 Mile Teen Race (2 laps)
3 Mile Adults (4 laps)

A few important reminders to insure a smooth start. Please read over carefully.

Location of race is Nabbs Creek Marina / 864 Nabbs Creek Road / Glen Burnie, MD

PARK in lower or upper lot at marina. We will launch off the finger pier in front of the main marina building (look for the Mantra Fit banner). 

PLEASE ARRIVE 20 MINUTES EARLY to unload, check in/be assigned number, and be on the water ready to race. Remember your number and call out at finish line.

PFD must be worn or secured to boards. Coast Guard rules apply. 

BOARD RENTALS are available in limited supply on a first come, first serve basis. 

BRING A DISH TO SHARE after the race at our end of league potluck social. 

Rain date: Thurs, Aug 18. Same times. 

Any questions, email

Arrive between 6-6:30 pm
Pre-race meeting 6:45 pm
Race start at 7:00 pm

Check in at the marina main building. Look for the Mantra Fit banner. 

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Sue Wright5SUP (All)12-17 yrs oldAll
Julia Calvert8SUP (All)12-17 yrs oldAll
Barb Cooke12SUP (All)12-17 yrs oldAll
Cathy Gazzo2SUP (All)18+All
Kimberly Ayers4SUP (All)18+All
Sherry Sullivan11SUP (All)18+All
Jill Santucci13SUP (All)18+All
Rachel Felver14SUP (All)18+All
Sara Forster15SUP (All)18+All
Bob Daniels26SUP (All)18+All
Angie Didier1SUP (All)18+All
Alexandra Wehling3SUP (All)18+All
Sue Wright5SUP (All)18+All
Jim Calvert6SUP (All)18+All
Lisa Minker7SUP (All)18+All
Courtney Clarke9SUP (All)18+All
Melissa Einhorn10SUP (All)18+All
Nicole Stimpson16SUP (All)18+All
Jessica Wisner17SUP (All)18+All
Michelle Wilson18SUP (All)18+All
Kenna Oseroff19SUP (All)18+All
Luis Dall20SUP (All)18+All
Laura Thurston21SUP (All)18+All
Greg Simer22SUP (All)18+All
Brooke Campanell23SUP (All)18+All
Jessica Morgan24SUP (All)18+All
Charlie Martel25SUP (All)18+All
Amber Warrington27SUP (All)18+All
Eloise Barnum28SUP (All)18+All
Coral French29SUP (All)18+All
Macky Stafford30SUP (All)18+All
Mike Clarke31SUP (All)18+All
William Karditzas32SUP (All)18+All
Caroline Karditzas33SUP (All)18+All
Chris Sperry34SUP (All)18+All
Cortney Butler35SUP (All)18+All
Pete Wright36SUP (All)18+All
Jack Ballard37SUP (All)18+All

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Same course as the race league series. 

1.5 mile teen course (2 laps)
3 miles adult course (4)

1 lap is .75 miles


Aug 17, 2016


Glen Burnie, MD