Surf Guys SUP Race 2014

Surfguys SUP Challenge is in it's 5th year. The Race is June 7th, 2014 on the Indian River off the Eau Gallie Causeway at Squid Lips Restaurant

The Divisions are Short and Long Course. Race classes are 12-6', 14', Unlimited, and SUP Surf. Displacement hulls of 12'6 and 14' are permitted in the Short Course. Awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in short course overall and in SUP Surf. We will not allow SUP surf in the long course. The long course will have 12'6'', 14' and unlimited.

The race is 2.5 miles, for the Short Course and 6.25 miles for the Long Course. The Long Course Race will begin at 8:00 am, followed by the Short Course Race at 9:15am. Awards and Raffle for prizes for all competitors at Squid Lips Restaurant with food discounts after the race.

The Long Course will begin at 8:00 am followed by the Short Course at 9.15am. 

Race is 6.25 miles for the Long Course
Race is 2.5 miles for the Short Course

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Jake Portwood8SUP 14'OpenGuy
Scott Overton10SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Packet Casey11SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Amanda Portwood13SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Patrick Daugherty14SUP 14'OpenGuy
Robin Moran17SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Chip Bock18SUP 14'OpenGuy
Grant Begley24SUP 14'OpenGuy
Catherine Uden25SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
David Rush30SUP 14'OpenGuy
Neil Uden31SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Justin Hayskar34SUP 14'OpenGuy
Chris Horton35SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Alyssa Veres1SUP SurfboardOpenGirl
Lisa Veres2SUP SurfboardOpenGirl
Mitch Varnes3SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Peter Lyle4SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Ryan Findley7SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Brian Nash9SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Dan Smith12SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Amanda Volence15SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Lesz Banham16SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Quince Eddens19SUP SurfboardOpenGuy
Robin Fratto20SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Rosalind Freas21SUP SurfboardOpenGirl
Melissa Janney22SUP SurfboardOpenGirl
Jessica Cichra23SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Ryan Osorio26SUP SurfboardOpenGuy
Bodhi Kai Uden27SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Mike Dobbins28SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Brian Murray29SUP SurfboardOpenGuy
Paul Fratto32SUP SurfboardOpenGuy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Indian River off Eau Gallie Causeway @ Squid Lips Restaurant


Jun 7, 2014


Melbourne, FL