Surf Swap Challenge 2015

The Surf Swap Challenge is an event that covers all levels of stand up paddleboarding. It is a full day of racing, eating, and enjoying a wonderful day on the bay at Fager’s Island Bar & Restaurant, 60th St. & the Bay, Ocean City, MD.Proceeds from the event will go to the Maryland Coastal Bays Program.

Pre-registration is open until 5pm on May 29, 2015. Same day registration will be offered with an increased price starting at 8:30am on race day. 

Saturday- Women's SUPer Saturday Retreat. Join Laurel Harrington, Jessie Benson and Dawn Ehman for a day on the water enjoying SUP.  2pm-Laurel Harrington-SUP Bootcamp & SUP Surfing tips, 3pm-Dawn Ehman-Race clinic-including tips on starts, drafting, turns,  and paddle stroke. 4pm-SUP Yoga-bring an ending to the day with a nice stretch and shavasana on your board.


The day will start off at 10am with a 5 mile ELITE Race and 2.5 mile Recreational Race. The course will be decided on race day based on current wind conditions to make it ideal for racers.Weather pending, it will be a flat water race with buoy turns and a great spectators event. Cash and prizes will be awarded to the top 3 finishers in the ELITE category and prizes to the REC, and Kids Race. Following the morning race will be food, drink and awards and then the Kids Race at 12pm.   Stand up paddle board demos from 10:30-11:30am.  Stand up paddleboards will be provided for the Kids Race. To top it off there will be a full day of entertainment, vendors and board swap with individuals displaying their used Surf and SUP boards for sale. Bring the entire family for a wonderful day of racing, fun, food, drink and entertainment.

For Accomodations, please contact the Seabay and let them know you are with the stand up paddleboard event.

Saturday- WOMEN'S SUPer Saturday retreat. 2pm- SUP Bootcamp  & SUP  surfing tips with Laurel Harrington. 3pm- Racing tips with Dawn Ehman. 4pm FLOYO- SUP Yoga with Jessie Benson.


8:30am-9:30am-Packet pick up & Race Day registration for 2.5 Rec Race & 5mile Elite SUP race

9:45am-Meeting for Racers

10:00am-Start for 2.5 Rec Race & 5 mile Elite SUP Race

11:00am- 11:45am, Registration for KIDS SUP Race

12:00pm-KIDS SUP Race(boards will be provided)

Awards & prizes to follow!

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Mariano Daguiar5SUP 14'18-49Guy
John Judge6SUP 14'18-49Guy
Mike Schneider7SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Bobby Frey8Prone (All)18-49Guy
Jason Scopp9SUP 14'18-49Guy
Larry Lubbers12SUP 14'50+Guy
Chris Sperry13SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Christopher Norman16SUP 14'18-49Guy
Mark Bandy20SUP 14'50+Guy
Jeff Cook24SUP 14'18-49Guy
Luke Hevner25Prone (All)18-49Guy
Wyatt Everhart28SUP 14'18-49Guy
Mark Nelson29SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Neil Macindoe31SUP 14'18-49Guy
Emerson Smith32SUP 14'18-49Guy
Lianne Dunbar36SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Corey Curtis37SUP 14'18-49Guy
Tim Burke38SUP 14'18-49Guy
Rich Price39SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Jason Howell40SUP 14'18-49Guy
Brian Schmid42SUP 14'18-49Guy
Max Singer43SUP 14'18-49Guy
Brian Meyer46SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Tom Schmitz47SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Nicholas Bollinger48SUP 14'18-49Guy
Erik Kauffman49SUP 14'18-49Guy
Lisa Long50SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Chris Willey51SUP 14'18-49Guy
Scott Jorss52SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Meredith Jorss53SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Basil Tydings54Prone (All)18-49Guy
Jason Phipps56SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Charlie Bauer58SUP 14'18-49Guy
Jessie Benson59SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Christopher Shipp63SUP 14'18-49Guy
Ron Gossard65SUP 14'18-49Guy
Kevin Haigis67SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Earl Blackwell71SUP 12'6"50+Guy
April Zilg73SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Sandy Deeley74SUP 14'50+Guy
Trevor Raithby76SUP 12'6"U17Guy
Joe Schneider77SUP 14'18-49Guy
Elaine Owens1SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Dana Gregory10SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Chad Rogers11SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Julie Mychalus14SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Sonia Montes De Oca15SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Christopher Kaufman18SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Nicholas Rice19SUP 12'6"U17Guy
Malissa Austin21SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Chuck Mounts22SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Utaw Cook23SUP 12'6"U17Guy
Billy Harkins26SUP Surfboard50+Guy
Michael Nanouh30SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Natalie Miller33SUP Surfboard18-49Girl
Alessandra Salatti34SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Teresa Byrnes35SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Jessica Morgan41SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Karen Apollony44SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Dj Kazmaier45SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Sean Dunbar55SUP SurfboardU17Guy
Lindsey Bauer57SUP Surfboard18-49Girl
Ben Hoyle60SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Erin Hoyle61SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Lindsay Moore62SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Becca Trosch64SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Mike Baddour66SUP 14'18-49Guy
Corey Davis68SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Mary Zarcone70SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Brian Moran75SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Dave Wisniewski78SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Lindsay Sheppard79SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Kevin Owens80SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Mike Schneider7AllAllAll
Chad Rogers11AllAllAll
Larry Lubbers12AllAllAll
Julie Mychalus14AllAllAll
Sonia Montes De Oca15AllAllAll
Nicholas Rice19AllAllAll
Mark Bandy20AllAllAll
Billy Harkins26AllAllAll
Lianne Dunbar36AllAllAll
Erik Kauffman49AllAllAll
Scott Jorss52AllAllAll
Ben Hoyle60AllAllAll
Erin Hoyle61AllAllAll

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

The course will be decided on race day based on current wind conditions to make it ideal for racers. Weather pending, it will be a flat water race with buoy turns and a great spectators event.


May 31, 2015


Ocean City, MD