Ta Hoe Nalu 2014

*New for this year:  

  • Addition of 6 man Outrigger (OC6) in 10mile distance race Saturday and OC6 & OC1 in 5mile open race on Sunday
  • X-SUP Games - 4 person team competion
  • 4 person Team Slalom Relay
  • More fun for all ages and skill levels
  • Friday clinics and demos

Friday August 15 starts the festivities with Registration from 2 to 6:30pm

2pm to 5pm Paddle Clinics for beginners and advance paddlers

4pm 6 man Outrigger exhibition race. 

6pm TA-HOE NALU Host Sponsor dinner 

Music on the Beach w/ Keyser Sose  from 6:30 to 8:30pm 

8:30pm Full Moon Paddle 

A full service food & beverage court will be open during this time. 

Saturday August 16 

7am Registration for 10mile Distance & 2 mile beginner race 

7:30am opening ceremony and announcements with 

Dancers of Halau Hula ‘O Leilani will provide traditional dances of Polynesia.  National Anthem sung by Christian Hollingsworth

open the festivities of the day. 

 8:30am Start of 10 mile Distance Race 

 8;30 OC-1 / 8:40 Prone / 8:50 SUP 

9:00 am Start of Beginner 2 mile Race 

Awards & Raffle at finish of race 

All day SUP Demos and Clinics 

Exhibitor / Vender village open from 8 to 4pm daily 

Highlighted a local retail village open from 8 to 4pm daily 

12pm Start of Grom Race (ages 12 and under) 

 Awards and raffle after finish 

2:pm Start of the X-SUP Games (4person teams) 

Awards after race finish 

4pm Announcements of Local evening events

Sunday August 17 

7am Registration for the 5 mile Open Race (SUP, Prone & OC1) 

8am Announcements 

9am Start of the 5 Mile Open Race 

Awards and Raffle at finish of Race 

All day free SUP demos 

Exhibitor / Vender village open from 8 to 4pm daily 

10am Kids Sandcastle building contest

Highlighted local retail village open from 8 to 4pm daily 

11:30 am Free Fun  Team Mat Race (sign up day of event)

Details for Fun Race will be announce event day

1 pm Start of 4 Person Team Relay 

Awards at finish of Race

4pm closing ceremony - ALOHA!

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Adam Hart2SUP 14'18 - 39Guy
Steve Lamoreaux3SUP 14'40 - 59Guy
Brian Luman8SUP Surfboard18 - 39Guy
Juerg Geser10SUP 14'40 - 59Guy
Ed Naggiar14SUP 14'40 - 59Guy
Patrick Mcnenny29Prone Stock40 - 59Guy
Leslie O'neil30SUP Unlimited40 - 59Girl
Helen Gallagher31SUP 12'6"40 - 59Girl
Jane Culp32SUP 14'40 - 59Girl
Jon Strother34SUP 12'6"40 - 59Guy
Michael Smith35SUP 12'6"40 - 59Guy
Paul Scheuring38SUP 12'6"40 - 59Guy
Gary Wimberly39SUP 14'40 - 59Guy
Mike Doyle40SUP 12'6"40 - 59Guy
Burleigh Cooper45SUP 14'18 - 39Guy
Helen Cooper46SUP 12'6"18 - 39Girl
Luke Van47SUP 14'18 - 39Guy
Garrit Barth49SUP 14'EliteGuy
Bradley Hilton50SUP 14'18 - 39Guy
Greg Maletis51SUP 14'40 - 59Guy
Tai Boutell52SUP 14'40 - 59Guy
Brian Thomas53Prone Unlimited40 - 59Guy
Luke Mcintire55OC-118 - 39Guy
Julie Stevens65SUP 14'40 - 59Girl
Loran White69SUP 14'40 - 59Guy
Jeff Sweet75SUP 14'40 - 59Guy
Steven Cozza76SUP 12'6"18 - 39Guy
Nate Ludwig78SUP 12'6"18 - 39Guy
Steve Drottar82SUP 14'40 - 59Guy
Dave Harris85SUP 12'6"40 - 59Guy
Dale Goode92SUP 14'40 - 59Guy
Dylan Goode93SUP 14'U17Guy
Wayne Prouty94SUP 14'18 - 39Guy
Ken Teeter96SUP 14'40 - 59Guy
Valerie Khachadourian99SUP 12'6"40 - 59Girl
Glen Haupt100SUP 14'40 - 59Guy
Luca Genasci101SUP 14'18 - 39Guy
Paul Genasci102SUP 12'6"40 - 59Guy
Kyle Vestermark108SUP Unlimited40 - 59Guy
Seth Springer109SUP 14'18 - 39Guy
Kate Strolle15SUP 12'6"U12Guy
Patti Steele27SUP 12'6"U12Guy
Belah Ellis48OpenU12Girl
Max Newkirk60OpenU12Guy
Kula Brunson63OpenU12Girl
Kelton Stevens66OpenU12Guy
Steve Lamoreaux3SUP 14'40 - 59Guy
Karl Carstensen4SUP 12'6"40 - 59Guy
Scott Amos5SUP 14'18 - 39Guy
Walter Machado6SUP Surfboard60+Guy
Sorren Mccool9SUP 12'6"18 - 39Guy
Juerg Geser10SUP 14'40 - 59Guy
Dave Heaslett11SUP 12'6"60+Guy
Nancy Heaslett12SUP 12'6"60+Girl
Bill Allred17SUP 14'18 - 39Guy
Kelly Mccoy18SUP Surfboard40 - 59Girl
Anastasia Alexander22SUP 12'6"18 - 39Girl
Robert Demarco24SUP 14'40 - 59Guy
Jojo Chism28SUP Surfboard17UGuy
Helen Gallagher31OC-140 - 59Girl
David Culp33SUP 14'40 - 59Guy
Jim Garrissere43SUP 12'6"40 - 59Guy
Monique Semak Carter44SUP Surfboard18 - 39Girl
Belah Ellis48SUP 12'6"12UGirl
Brian Thomas53Prone Unlimited40 - 59Guy
Elaine Peat-foster57SUP 12'6"60+Girl
Debbie Broughan58SUP 12'6"60+Girl
Jacquelyn Cheun62SUP 12'6"18 - 39Girl
Julie Stevens65SUP 14'40 - 59Girl
Roxanne Scott67SUP 12'6"40 - 59Girl
Mark Scott68SUP Surfboard60+Guy
Bob Long71SUP 14'60+Guy
Kathleen Threlfall72SUP 12'6"60+Girl
Rascha Jelks74SUP 14'18 - 39Girl
Nate Ludwig78SUP 12'6"18 - 39Guy
John Goforth79SUP 12'6"60+Guy
Michael Fong81SUP 14'40 - 59Guy
Cary Riter86SUP Surfboard40 - 59Guy
Bobby Barrett88SUP 12'6"18 - 39Guy
John Distefano91Prone Stock40 - 59Guy
Dale Goode92SUP 14'40 - 59Guy
Dylan Goode93SUP 14'17UGuy
Noel Dufty95SUP 12'6"60+Guy
Mike Rattary98SUP 12'6"40 - 59Guy
Valerie Khachadourian99SUP 12'6"40 - 59Girl
Steve Harding104SUP 12'6"40 - 59Guy
Brie Moore105SUP 12'6"18 - 39Girl
Tom Sullivan106SUP 14'40 - 59Guy
Seth Springer109SUP 14'18 - 39Guy
Cassie Becking7SUP 12'6"18-39Girl
Dave Heaslett11SUP 12'6"60+Guy
Nancy Heaslett12SUP 12'6"60+Girl
Marin Holt13SUP 12'6"18-39Girl
Kristin Sardina19SUP 12'6"18-39Girl
Phil Fritz20SUP 12'6"18-39Guy
Emily Corrigan21SUP 12'6"18-39Girl
Anastasia Alexander22SUP 12'6"40-59Girl
Robert Demarco24SUP 12'6"40-59Guy
Dave Boyd26SUP 12'6"40-59Guy
Toshihiko Nakano37SUP 12'6"40-59Guy
Naomi Barulich41SUP 12'6"40-59Girl
Matt Lundbeck42SUP 12'6"40-59Guy
Belah Ellis48OpenOpen (All Ages)Girl
Libby Laveson54OpenOpen (All Ages)Girl
Liz Newkirk61OpenOpen (All Ages)Girl
Jacquelyn Cheun62OpenOpen (All Ages)Girl
Kelton Stevens66OpenOpen (All Ages)Guy
Meghan Mckelvey70OpenOpen (All Ages)Girl
Kathleen Threlfall72OpenOpen (All Ages)Girl
Jon Tronowsky73OpenOpen (All Ages)Guy
Cliff Whiteley80OpenOpen (All Ages)Guy
Melanie Cambier87OpenOpen (All Ages)Girl
Jo Walker97OpenOpen (All Ages)Girl
Diana Tauder103OpenOpen (All Ages)Girl
Emily Bosworth107OpenOpen (All Ages)Girl
Cheryl Mattox112OpenOpen (All Ages)Girl
Jacquelyn Cheun62SUP Surf InflatableOpen (All Ages)Girl
Lauren Prestifilippo77SUP Surf InflatableOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Colin Hoell83SUP Surf InflatableOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Lauren Hoell84SUP Surf InflatableOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Shawn Ewing90SUP Surf InflatableOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Diana Tauder103SUP Surf InflatableOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Robert Tueckes16SUP 12'6"40-59Guy
Ruthy Vesler23SUP 12'6"18-39Girl
Bryan Thomson25SUP 12'6"18-39Guy
Evan Trosin36SUP Surfboard40-59Girl
Arthur Daniel56SUP 14'18-39Guy
John Walsh59SUP 12'6"18-39Guy
Natali Zollinger89SUP 12'6"18-39Girl
Steve Funk110SUP 14'40-59Guy
Ryan Funk111SUP 12'6"17UGuy
Debbie Fajans113SUP 12'6"18-39Girl
Francine Tone114SUP 12'6"40-59Girl

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

The 28-acre Kings Beach State Recreation Area, one of the largest such areas on the lake, is open year-round. The 700-foot-long sandy beach gets very crowded in summer with people swimming, sunbathing, Jet Skiing, riding in paddleboats, spiking volleyballs, and tossing Frisbees. If you're going to spend the day, come early enough to snag a table in the picnic area; there's also a good playground. Amenities : food and drink; parking (fee); toilets; water sports. Best For : sunrise; swimming; windsurfing.


  • Address: 8318 N. Lake Blvd., Hwy. 28 Kings BeachCA 96143 |Map It
  • Phone: 530/546-7248
  • When:

    Aug 15 to Aug 17, 2014


    Kings Beach, CA