Tax Relief 2016

 2 mile short course (all craft)
 2 and 5 mile SUP courses
 5 and 9 mile "boat" courses

Canoes, Kayaks, SUP's, Surfskis, K1s, single, tandem,  OC1s / 2s. 

Start at Negro Bar Beach Picnic area (kayak rentals) Exit off Greenback State park entrance and continue to the beach parking lot!
  Registration opens at 8 am
  9:30 am paddlers meeting

  10:00 am   Start
All timing STOPS at 12:10 !!!!

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William Fenton, Lee Halvorsen118Sea Kayak DoubleOpen (All Ages)Guy
Todd Bowers, Grant Bowers119C2Open (All Ages)Guy
Christopher Farris123Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Guy
Luke Barrett124Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Guy
Karrie Barrett125Kayak 16' and overOpen (All Ages)Girl
Tom Biglione, Sophie Matthews143C2Open (All Ages)Mixed
Cary Fergus8OC-1Open (All Ages)Guy
Amy Byers16Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Girl
Tyson Hadley112Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Guy
Jeff Kay117OC-1Open (All Ages)Guy
John Green, Amy Byers121Surfski DoubleOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Dan Vimercati126K1Open (All Ages)Guy
Elaine Baden, Jane Toro127K2Open (All Ages)Girl
Mark Craig140Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Guy
Treston Vorac113SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Patrick Alteri115SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Chris Yacoub116SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Heidi Gregory129SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Kelton Stevens130SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
Renee Flask132SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Maylanie Guerra Bevens133SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Brandee Gutowsky135SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Shawn Callahan15SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Stephanie Artis17SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Janet Walp25SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Mike Brackins114SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
Bruce Walters122SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
Shanna Upton128SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Julie Stevens131SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Girl
Denise Lianne Magness136SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Bill Magness137SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
Gary Leong141SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Emily Matthews142SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Start at Negro Bar Beach Picnic area (kayak rentals) Exit off Greenback State park entrance and continue to the beach parking lot!
Detailed info at paddlers meeting!
Race  Course:
Bridge - Hat Island,  laps determined by your race!
Once you've entered the state park off of Greenback continue west to the beach picnic area (kayak rental)

  State Park Day Use area. 


Apr 17, 2016


Folsom, CA