Tecolote 5000 2015

On-site registration opens at 7:00am Saturday morning!

Don't forget to bring an unwrapped toy for the San Diego Fire-Rescue "Mobile Santa"

T-Shirt guaranteed for first 100 paddlers

Save time and money at check-in by registering online today, even if you pay on-site. Entry is $30 if you sign up on the day. $25 if you sign up before December 12th.

Bring your family, friends and all the paddlers you know for a great day on the water before the Holidays begin!

SDCKT Tecolote 5k Website

Contact: info@sdckt.net

Estimated start times

7:00am till 930am: Registration on-site 
8.45am: Race meeting
9:00am: Start of 5000m OC1, Kayak, K1,C1,Surf ski 
10:15am: 1000m Kids Lightning Kayaks and OC1 (14 and under Beginners only)
10:30: Race Meeting
10:45am: Start of 5000m Prone P/boards and SUP 
Noon: 1000m Kids SUP (14 and under Beginners only)
12:30pm: Lunch, Prizes and Awards!

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Mira Corrao1K119 & UnderGirl
Ivan Venediktov3OC-116 & UnderGuy
Ryan Wolfe5OC-119 & UnderGuy
Toni Bushong7OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Dmytro Medvedyev8K1Open 20-39Guy
Juju Jones10OC-1Masters 40-49Girl
Geome Ramirez11K116 & UnderGirl
Kel Schwartz12Surfski SingleOpen 20-39Girl
Danielle Borm13K119 & UnderGirl
Leilani Borm14K119 & UnderGirl
Amy Hein15K116 & UnderGirl
Zoe Hein16K116 & UnderGirl
Emily Naitoh19K116 & UnderGirl
Deon Lourens21Surfski SingleMasters 40-49Guy
Julie Malley22OC-1Masters 40-49Girl
Kitsy Nipper24OC-116 & UnderGirl
John Holman26OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Evan Truesdale27K116 & UnderGuy
David Rodriguez28C116 & UnderGuy
Gordo Parham30OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
John Skorstad31OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Paul Chevallier32C116 & UnderGuy
Mason Morris, Nicola Sassone35OC-219 & UnderGuy
Meghann Schmidt38OC-1Open 20-39Girl
Will Horvath40Surfski Single16 & UnderGuy
Courtney Stow41Surfski Single16 & UnderGirl
Tyler Bashor42OC-116 & UnderGuy
Alana Nichols43K1Open 20-39Girl
Kenneth Fry44Surfski SingleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Sage Harmon45K119 & UnderGuy
Cortland Mccullum46Surfski Single16 & UnderGuy
Heather Davis47K1Open 20-39Girl
Teegan Romero48Surfski Single16 & UnderGuy
Audrey Stempel49OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Noam Elroi50OC-116 & UnderGuy
Kainalu Obayashi, Makenzie Sousley53Surfski Double19 & UnderMixed
Jonathan Espinosa55K119 & UnderGuy
Garen Doyle57K1Open 20-39Guy
Guillaume Escarguel58OC-1Masters 40-49Guy
Tiziano Pramparo60K1Open 20-39Guy
Simone Pramparo61K1Open 20-39Guy
Katie Homann70Surfski SingleOpen 20-39Girl
Tim Burdiak71K1Open 20-39Guy
Cris Dobrosielski73Surfski SingleMasters 40-49Guy
Viviana Garante74K116 & UnderGirl
Luis Montoya75C116 & UnderGuy
Jose Cesena76K119 & UnderGuy
Noriyoshi Osorio77K1Open 20-39Guy
Oscar Amaro86C116 & UnderGuy
Kathy Wilder, Jim Wilkens87Surfski DoubleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Ana Paulina Haro Arellano88C116 & UnderGirl
Wes Huston89OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Suleyka Olvera90C116 & UnderGirl
Nivran Robles Frutos91C116 & UnderGuy
Luis Miguel Garcia92K116 & UnderGuy
Kawika Kaleleiki94K119 & UnderGuy
Harrison Flores95Surfski Single19 & UnderGuy
Jake Schmitt, Lukas Thompson96OC-219 & UnderGuy
Jensen Fiskin97OC-116 & UnderGuy
Jake Machado98OC-116 & UnderGuy
Jordan Thompson99OC-116 & UnderGuy
Max Chaffee100OC-116 & UnderGuy
Tommy Steffel101OC-116 & UnderGuy
Chris Barlow102K1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Dino De Giorgio103OC-116 & UnderGuy
Tyler Fiskin104OC-119 & UnderGuy
Isaac Lozano105C116 & UnderGuy
Nicola Sassone106OC-116 & UnderGuy
Barry Borm107K1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Ryan Wolfe, Ryan Rothrock108OC-219 & UnderGuy
Lukas Thompson, Jake Schmitt109OC-219 & UnderGuy
Madison Long110OC-119 & UnderGirl
Rich Long113K1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Morgein Eash9Lightning14&U Novices/BeginnersGirl
Steve Naitoh18Lightning14&U Novices/BeginnersGuy
Parker Amano36Lightning14&U Novices/BeginnersGuy
Tania Gonzales78Lightning14&U Novices/BeginnersGirl
Valeria Haro79Lightning14&U Novices/BeginnersGirl
Gilberto Martinez80Lightning14&U Novices/BeginnersGuy
Adrian Tecum81C114&U Novices/BeginnersGuy
Ayslin Ruiz82Lightning14&U Novices/BeginnersGirl
Gizelle Platas Garcia83Lightning14&U Novices/BeginnersGirl
Oscar Morales84C114&U Novices/BeginnersGuy
Eduardo Sotelo85C114&U Novices/BeginnersGuy
Gabriel Luna93C114&U Novices/BeginnersGuy
Jensen Fiskin97OC-114&U Novices/BeginnersGuy
Jordan Thompson99OC-114&U Novices/BeginnersGuy
Mira Corrao1SUP 12'6"19 & UnderGirl
Ron Adelhelm2SUP 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Guy
Debra Arnold4SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Girl
John Acosta6SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
Tiffany Tudyk17SUP 12'6"Open 20-39Girl
Emily Naitoh19SUP 12'6"16 & UnderGirl
Milo Hama20SUP 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Guy
Deon Lourens21Prone 12'6"Masters 40-49Guy
Julie Malley22SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Girl
Thomas Nilsen23SUP 12'6"16 & UnderGuy
Kitsy Nipper24SUP 12'6"16 & UnderGirl
Karen Hoyt25SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Evan Truesdale27Prone 12'6"16 & UnderGuy
Keli Arnold29SUP 12'6"Open 20-39Girl
Christophe Chevallier33SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Dale Marnati34SUP 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Guy
John Bland37SUP 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Guy
Meghann Schmidt38SUP 14' & UnlimitedOpen 20-39Girl
Lance Shaw39SUP 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Guy
Tyler Bashor42SUP 12'6"16 & UnderGuy
Teegan Romero48SUP 12'6"16 & UnderGuy
Audrey Stempel49SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Noam Elroi50SUP 12'6"16 & UnderGuy
Harold Goodman51SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
Max Fleming54SUP 12'6"19 & UnderGuy
Lily Schryer Rindge56SUP 12'6"16 & UnderGirl
Trinity Van Gaasbeek59SUP 12'6"16 & UnderGirl
Jim Baumann62SUP 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Guy
Abby Baker63SUP 12'6"16 & UnderGirl
Catherine Rathbone64SUP 12'6"Open 20-39Girl
Elijah Van Gaasbeek65SUP 12'6"16 & UnderGuy
Zibi Wadzynski66SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
Alexandria Higginson68SUP 12'6"16 & UnderGirl
Patrick Higginson69SUP 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Guy
Katie Homann70SUP 14' & UnlimitedOpen 20-39Girl
Erika Benitez72SUP 12'6"16 & UnderGirl
Trevor Bashor111SUP 12'6"16 & UnderGuy
Chris Butler112SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
Katie Scott114SUP 12'6"Open 20-39Girl
Wes Stone115Prone 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Morgein Eash9SUP (All)14&U Novice/BeginnersGirl
Steve Naitoh18SUP (All)14&U Novice/BeginnersGuy
Parker Amano36SUP (All)14&U Novice/BeginnersGuy
Tiffany Corrao52SUP (All)14&U Novice/BeginnersGirl
Maya Wadzynski67SUP (All)14&U Novice/BeginnersGirl

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Race 1 and 3 (5000m) are 3 laps around the Island in Enchanted Cove
Race 2 and 4 (1000m) will be marked with Bouy's
All races start by the green fence in the west end of the cove and finish at the SDCKT Boathouse.
These race courses are designed for great spectator viewing and lots of cheering - where you can learn about sprint starts, finishes, wash riding and race strategy. The only SoCal Winter race that allows for such up close and personal spectator participation.
SDCKT Boathouse
San Diego Youth Aquatic Center 
1750 Fiesta Island Drive
Mission Bay, San Diego, CA


Dec 12, 2015


San Diego, CA