The Autumn Classic

50 K (actually about 50.2K or 31.2 miles) long race, lap format,  4 laps.- single,tandem or solo relay team.

16 mile mid course- single,tandem or solo relay team

8 mile short course- single or tandem 

Ranger Rick course- U14 age,SUP, kayak 2.5 mile. MUST have adult assistant!! 15 and older- first timers welcome in this event also!! Give it a whirl!!

Open to all paddle craft, kayaks, surfski's, SUP's. 

( solo relay team- relay members must paddle at least one leg and may paddle additional legs. you choose type of  SOLO watercraft, example.4 members, one paddles OC-1, one paddles Single surf ski . one paddles paddle board , one paddles kayak. Must have a minimum of 2 members. may alternate legs. )
Cost $20 per paddler. Sign up here-pay on race day!
just a reminder- Free T shirt if this is your 3rd RCP event entered this year. T shirts and tank tops available for $20 each.

PLEASE review ALL the tabs above to get up to date information…
Raffle drawing after event ! Must be there to win!  
Special thanks to Tom Biglione for paying everyones admin fee!!!!! Give him a hug at the race.
Registration  NOW OPEN !

Paddlers meeting at 7:10 for 32 mile race
Paddlers meeting at 10:10 for 16 AND 8 mile races & Ranger Rick

07:30- 31 mile (50K)
10:30- 16 mile
11:30-  8 mile and Ranger Rick course

 Timing will CEASE at 2:30 in the afternoon, awards immediately there after.
 Julie is setting up a Pot-Luck also- info on RCP Facebook page. Link on main page here on paddleguru.

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Marsha Arnold3Surfski SingleOpenGirl
William Fenton7Surfski SingleOpenGuy
Tyson Hadley10Surfski SingleOpenGuy
J P Abbott12SUP 14'OpenGuy
Craig Caddell13Surfski SingleOpenGuy
Lee Halvorsen14Surfski SingleOpenGuy
Dave Boyd15OC2OpenMixed
Ryan Zahner16Surfski SingleOpenGuy
Kyle Ly17Surfski SingleOpenGuy
Beth Wettstein18SUP Under 12'6"OpenGirl
Julie Stevens19SUP 14'OpenGirl
Kelton Stevens20SUP Under 12'6"OpenGuy
Karl Carstensen21SUP Under 12'6"OpenGuy
David Martin24SUP Under 12'6"OpenGuy
Bob Glynn26SUP 14'OpenGuy
Bev Marx27OC6OpenMixed
Bobby Carpenter28Surfski SingleOpenGuy
Warren Chan29OC-1OpenGuy
Glenn Box30Surfski SingleOpenGuy
Karrie Mcfadden31SUP 14'OpenGirl
Mike Ammon, Steve Wilson33C2OpenGuy
Keith Andersen34Surfski SingleOpenGuy
John Green35Surfski SingleOpenGuy
Paul Macintyre36Surfski SingleOpenGuy
Evan Trosin37SUP Under 12'6"OpenGirl
Charlene Lane38SUP Under 12'6"OpenGirl
Cheryl Mattox39SUP Under 12'6"OpenGirl
Michael Valenzuela41SUP 14'OpenGuy
Mitch Boothe42SUP 14'OpenGuy
Barney Pugh43SUP 14'OpenGuy
Mike Mccoy44K1OpenGuy
Jonathon Springer45Surfski SingleOpenGuy
Rod De La Rosa47SUP 14'OpenGuy
Liz Pearson, James Pearson49OC-2OpenMixed
Sue Lutz51Surfski SingleOpenGirl
Dan Vimercati52K1OpenGuy
Mark Nechodom53K1OpenGuy
Jude Turczynski, Jasmine Shahbandi54Surfski DoubleOpenMixed
Bob Cheng55Surfski SingleOpenGuy
Jasper Caddell56K1OpenGuy
Misha Riszkiewicz57Surfski SingleOpenGuy
Maylanie Bevens Guerra9SUP (All)U14All
Bev's Guerra Bevens11SUP (All)U14All
Vickie Key23SUP (All)15 upAll
Tim Stylianapoupalopolous1KayakOpenGuy
Dianne Mitchell2K1OpenGirl
Jeff Kay5OC-1OpenGuy
Matthew Sun6OC-1OpenGuy
Heidi Scoble, Elaine Baden8Surfski DoubleOpenGirl
John Weed22Surfski SingleOpenGuy
Ian Rice25Surfski SingleOpenGuy
Frank Peronetto40Surfski SingleOpenGuy
John Easterbrook48Surfski SingleOpenGuy
Mark Craig46SUP 14'OpenGuy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Location is at Lake Natoma, Nimbus Flat State Recreation Park. Daily use fee required.


Oct 4, 2014


Folsom, CA