The Board House SUP Challenge

The Board House 2016 SUP Challenge and Demo is an event for all paddle boarders from first time challenger to the expert. Open surf style class and 12'6" and longer class. The 330 acre private lake offers what we think are the best paddle board conditions! The lake is located in an old quarry, and sits in a valley where NO motorboats are allowed so waves are at a minimum. Toss in crystal clear water, eight islands, five bays, and plenty of wildlife, you have a great setting for paddle boarding.


Participants, please arrive 30-45 minutes before your race time for check in, board cleaning (included in entry fee) and skippers meeting.

8:00 am- Men's 5 mile race.  (7:45 am for Skippers Meeting for the 5 mile.)
Two laps around the scenic 2.5 mile course. This one will test your endurance and skills. 2 classes; surf and 12' 6" or longer. Approximate race time 60 - 90 minutes.

8:10 am- Women's 5 mile race.  (7:45 am for Skippers Meeting for the 5 mile.)
Two laps around the scenic 2.5 mile course. This one will test your endurance and skills. 2 classes, surf, and 12' 6" or longer. Approximate race time 60 - 90 minutes.

10:00 am-
2.5 mile First Timers.  (9:45 am for Skippers Meeting for the 2.5 Event.)
Enjoy your first race on this scenic 2.5 mile course as you navigate the buoys by the islands and bays. 2 classes- Men and women. Boards 12' 6" or under only. Approximate race time 45 minutes.

Need a board? We have rental boards, paddles, and vests available for this race at $25.  

11:15 am- Race Around the Islands. (11:00 am for Skippers Meeting for the Race Around the Islands.)  This 1 mile race is fun yet will test your skills. This is not a timed race but who crosses the finish line first. Instead of buoys, you must navigate around and between 5 islands properly. Fun to do and fun for spectators to watch from the shores. 2 classes- Men and women. Men go out first, then women. Boards 12' 6" or under only. Approximate race time 10-20 minutes.

Need a board? We have rental boards, paddles, and vests available for this event at $25. 

12:00 pm- Awards ceremony.

Awards will be given to three fastest in Men's 5 mile race, three fastest in Women's 5 mile race, the three fastest men and women in the First Timers Race, and the fastest man and woman in Race Around the Islands.

Our sponsor, BIC, will be there with a selection of paddleboards to demo at the SUP Challenge until 3 pm. If you have your own vest and paddle, the demo is free. Otherwise it's $25 to rent a board, paddle, and vest.

Participants please note-
City of Crystal Lake requires all participants to wear a PFD (waist pfd's are acceptable) and have a board leash attached while you are on the water.

Three Oaks Recreation Area is very protective of their water quality. All boards will be cleaned by our staff at check in before entering the water. Cleaning is included in your entry fee.

Entry to Three Oaks Recreation Area is free but there is a $5 per vehicle parking fee. There will be reserved parking for participants to the Challenge. You must arrive between 7:00 am and 10:30 am for the reserve parking. We are happy to assist you in transporting your board to and from reserve parking and the Board House area. Simply ask.

Spectators- There are multiple places for you to watch and cheer your favorite paddler from shore.

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Lynn Creegan2SUP Under 12'6"18&UGirl
Dave Mclean8SUP 12'6"18&UGuy
Dana Cook9SUP Under 12'6"18&UGirl
Joanne Lundstrom10SUP Under 12'6"18&UGirl
Sean Omeara13SUP 12'6"18&UGuy
Alex Gockenbach16SUP Under 12'6"18&UGuy
Raymond J Gennetti18SUP 12'6"18&UGuy
Dmitry Rozental21SUP Under 12'6"18&UGuy
Allison Moe7SUP 12'6"18&UGirl
Chris Lueders14SUP Stock 1418&UGuy
Jeff Schnelle17SUP Stock 1418&UGuy
Ty Simic19SUP Stock 1418&UGuy
Leslie Maclin20SUP 12'6"18&UGirl
Jerry Fortier3SUP Under 12'6"18&UAll
Kevin Korinko5SUP Under 12'6"18&UGuy
Kim Korinko6SUP 12'6"18&UGirl
Rick Pasturczak11SUP 12'6"18&UGuy
Jeremy Gossage15SUP Under 12'6"18&UGuy
Leslie Maclin20SUP 12'6"18&UGirl

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

2.5 mile course. Twice around for 5 mile course.

1 mile Race Around the Islands course

Click on the satellite view and zoom out for a good view of the lake.

The Board House is located at Three Oaks Recreation Area, 

5517 NW Highway, Crystal Lake, IL. 60014


Jun 12, 2016


Crystal Lake, IL