The Carolina Cup 2018

This is going to be a great year at the Carolina Cup. We have listened to a lot of your feedback and have made some changes.

1. Graveyard Outrigger and Surfski Races are on Sunday, not Saturday. Saturday Graveyard will be Paddleboard only (traditional and standup)

2. Graveyard Divisions will be 14 feet and under for Mens AND Womens elite. There will be an unlimited division as well. We will be breaking this down into age groups (U17, 18-49, 50-59, 60+)

3. The Juniors Championship will be on Saturday in the

4. Harbor Island 5K race and will be broken down into 2-year age groups between 10 and 17 per the PPG age groups
Harbor Island 5K and Money Island 10K will have both 14' and 12'6 and under divisions for men and women and will have a U17 division, but the juniors focus will be in the Harbor Island Race

5. We are capping the number of racers in each race so we can provide jerseys, medals, and honestly, just be able to safely and enjoyably accommodate only as many as we have the resources to be able to accomodate. If you are racing, you'll need to get your spot.

6. We are making the kid race on Sunday $5 to kids under 12

7. For paddlers racing on Saturday AND Sunday, there is a 50% discount for the second race.

8. Finally, we have not raised the price of the event in 4 years.

9. There is no OC-6 race this year

Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you in North Carolina.

About The Quiksilver Waterman Carolina Cup

Presented by SurfTech

April 18-22, 2018

The 2018 Carolina Cup is in its eighth year and is a week-long event featuring over a dozen clinics and 5 races. On Saturday, there is a 3.5-mile Harbor Island Recreational race, 6.5-mile Money Island Open Race and the dreaded 13-mile Graveyard Elite Race.  On Sunday there is a fun kids race as well as a outrigger  and Surfski race. . In 2017 we added Surfski and OC-1 and OC-2 with numbers to  create there own start times. In 2016, the Carolina Cup was the largest race on the East Coast with over 900 paddlers competing in races and participating in clinics. In 2015 the Carolina Cup became the largest and most competitive SUP race in the world.

You do not have to race to take a clinic or take a clinic to race. You also do not have to race or take a clinic to come watch the race and enjoy the expo and demos.

Bring the whole family for this amazing week.


Blockade Runner Beach Resort is offering a Special Carolina Cup Room Rate that includes the following: Two and three night stays available in an Oceanfront or Harborfront guest room, Complimentary breakfast in EAST Oceanfront Dining each morning, Parking at the race location for one vehicle, and On-site board storage.  Call Blockade Runner Guest Services at 910.256.2251 or

Book your reservation today by clicking HERE.

Schedule of Events


8:00am – 5:00pm

Various Clinics at Blockade Runner Beach Resort

10:00am – 5:00pm

Free Go Foil Sound Exhibition featuring demos Dave Kalama, Austin Kalama, Connor Baxter and Zane Schweitzer

4:00pm – 5:30pm

Welcoming Social hosted by Surftech at the Blockade Runner Cottage


Movie Night Presented by Quiksilver Waterman at Waterman’s Brewing Co.

“Journey of the Waterman” with Guest Speaker Jamie Mitchell



 8:00am – 5:00pm

Various Clinics at Blockade Runner Beach Resort

10:00am – 5:00pm

Expo and Demos at Blockade Runner Beach Resort

12noon – 7:00pm

Packet Pickup and Registration at Blockade Runner Beach Resort

4:00pm – 7:00pm

Opening Reception and Movie Night at Blockade Runner Beach Resort

5:30 – 6:00pm

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Kid Social  with smoothies provided by Tropical Smoothie Cafe at Blockade Runner Beach Resort on the Oceanside Lawn


Official Autograph Signing at Blockade Runner Beach Resort on the Oceanside Lawn


Movie Clip from GOFOIL with Dave Kalama




Expo Opens


Harbor Island Recreational race: 3.5-mile flatwater race for first-time to intermediate paddleboarder


Money Island Open race: 6.5-mile flatwater race designed for the intermediate to advanced paddler


Graveyard Elite race: grueling 13.2-mile ocean and flatwater race for the elite and professional paddleboard racers

12noon – 4:00pm

Demos and Live Entertainment with Jesse Stockton and The Dream Machine at Blockade Runner Beach Resort


Banquet Food for Participants


Autograph Signing hosted by Maui Jim at Maui Jim tent



7:00pm – 10:00pm

Naked Turtle Rum After Party at Bluewater Waterfront Grill



9:00am – 12:00pm

Expo and Demo


Longboat Graveyard race: 13.2-mile race exclusively for Elite OC-1, OC-2, Surfski and Double-Ski


Kids Race: open for children ages 7 to 14


Awards (approximate time – will be held 1 hour after Longboat Graveyard race)


Various Clinics at Blockade Runner Beach Resort


Find out more about our clinics here!

If you have any questions, let us know On Facebook

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Dan Miller52SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Derek Schrotter91SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Robert Norman100SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
April Zilg124SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Wendell Martin142SUP 14' and Under60+Guy
Harrison Deisroth241SUP 14' and UnderU17Guy
Travis Grant288SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Ryland Hart477SUP 14' and UnderU17Guy
Eric Mims224Surfski Single18-49Guy
Nate Humberston225Surfski Single18-49Guy
Flavio Costa227Surfski Single18-49Guy
Jesse Lishchuk228Surfski Single18-49Guy
Pam Boteler229Surfski Single18-49Girl
Oscar Chalupsky231Surfski Single50-59Guy
Darren Crozier259Surfski Single50-59Guy
William Schaet263Surfski Single60+Guy
Justin Schaay264SUP 14'18-49Guy
Michael Alexeev282Surfski Single50-59Guy
Darian Hildreth291SUP Unlimited18-49Guy
Rowan Sampson304Surfski Single50-59Guy
Peter Morgan311Surfski Single18-49Guy
Scott Thomas330SUP 14'50-59Guy
Ralph Dismukes333Surfski Single50-59Guy
Kata Dismukes334Surfski Single18-49Girl
David Rush349OC-150-59Guy
Jeff Cowley363SUP 14'50-59Guy
Braxton Carter365Surfski Single18-49Guy
Mark Hamilton439Surfski Single60+Guy
Kelly Rhodes517Surfski Single18-49Girl
Blaise Rhodes517OC-150-59Guy
Rand Perkins557Surfski Single60+Guy
Robert Allison148OC-150-59Guy
Ray Worrell179OC-150-59Guy
Dan Lukens118SUP (All)Open (All Ages)All
Guy Peterson149SUP (All)Open (All Ages)All
David Jeffcoat198SUP (All)Open (All Ages)All
Danielle Holdsworth281SUP (All)Open (All Ages)All
Aymee Vasquez296SUP (All)Open (All Ages)All
John Lesher339SUP (All)Open (All Ages)All
Nolan Vanderslice472SUP (All)Open (All Ages)All
Terry Smith1SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Michelle Currier2SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Teresa Byrnes4SUP 14' and Under50-59Girl
Kyle Kray7SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Edmonds Bafford12SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Steven Barry13SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Jenna Blackburn14SUP 14' and UnderU17Girl
Noriko Okaya26SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Nathan Champion27SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Mike Hill29SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Gary Rothe31SUP 14' and Under50-59Guy
Anthony Galang32SUP 14' and Under50-59Guy
Rob Moran35SUP 14' and Under50-59Guy
Andrea Kahikina36SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Kevin Kahikina40SUP 14' and Under50-59Guy
Karen Figueroa43Prone Stock50-59Girl
Ken Bowman48SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Bob Arnot51SUP Unlimited60+Guy
Dan Miller52SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Andy Anderson53SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Josette Lata60SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Will Lathan61SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Adrian Angell63SUP 14' and Under50-59Guy
Nick Jimenez68SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Neil Macindoe70SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Bernardo Isacovici74SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Lina Augaitis77SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Michael Castelvecchi80SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Les Thornbury85SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Jake Graham86SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Bobby Nelson87SUP 14' and Under60+Guy
Brandon Van Elslander88SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Derek Schrotter91SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
James Welch95SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Kyle Ellison96SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Jeramie Vaine97SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
John Batson98SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Robert Norman100SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Steven Bernstein102SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Gray Berryman103SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Rob Kavcic110Prone Unlimited18-49Guy
Frank Torres120SUP 14' and Under50-59Guy
Mark Herman122SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Stephanie Shideler123SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
April Zilg124SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Eric Nelson129SUP 14' and Under50-59Guy
Sarah Minard130SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Eric Carter132SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Doug Haynie134SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Larry Cain135SUP 14' and Under50-59Guy
Mark Sumner136SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Ed Pierce139SUP 14' and Under60+Guy
Wendell Martin142SUP 14' and Under60+Guy
Fergus Sloan150Prone 14'18-49Guy
Claire Merry153SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Mary Howser154SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Loraine Gruber155Prone Stock50-59Girl
Frank Godwin157Prone Unlimited50-59Guy
Wally Buckingham158Prone Unlimited60+Guy
Danny Ching162SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Kenny Kaneko169SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Steve Miller183SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Tim Oliver187SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Mike White193SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Daniel Rapp194SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Peter Allen195SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Tim Burke199SUP 14' and Under50-59Guy
Kenny Balcerski209SUP 14' and Under50-59Guy
Erika Benitez211SUP 14' and UnderU17Girl
James Gregorio212SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Dylan Geiger214SUP 14' and UnderU17Guy
Andy Giordano218SUP 14' and Under50-59Guy
Sarah Westbrook219SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Bob Rueter223SUP 14' and Under60+Guy
Robin Delgado233SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Wyatt Everhart234SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Ted Nelson236SUP 14' and Under50-59Guy
Lianne Dunbar240SUP 14' and Under50-59Girl
Harrison Deisroth241SUP 14' and UnderU17Guy
Olivia Piana245SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Hugh Brooks246SUP 14' and Under50-59Guy
Viktor Milev253SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Angela Jackson257SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Paul Jackson258SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Gander Tawaststjerna261SUP 14' and Under50-59Guy
Jack Ballard262SUP 14' and UnderU17Guy
Georges Cronsteadt265SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Steve Mckenzie266SUP 14' and Under60+Guy
Robert Hess267SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Kimberly Barnes268SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Adam Pollock270SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Laura Quetglas272SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Connor Baxter278SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Danielle Holdsworth281SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Ellery Winghart283SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Anthony Abraham287SUP 14' and Under50-59Guy
Travis Grant288SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Ashley Starkey289SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Tracey Finlay292SUP 14' and Under50-59Girl
Sey Chelle293SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Kelly Margetts294SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Karen Kennedy300SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Teresa Plitt306SUP 14' and Under50-59Girl
Maddie Miller312SUP 14' and UnderU17Girl
Kate Lewis318SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Wayne Best319SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Sonni Hoenscheid322SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Auber Tom326SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Itzel Delgado327SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Tim Warner331SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Shae Foudy338SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Peter Laramore348Prone Unlimited18-49Guy
John Schlossberg351SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Claire Condie352SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Sarah Weyenberg354SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Gabriel - Koko Decaran-voigt356SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Chris Cannavaro360Prone Unlimited18-49Guy
Randy Rair373SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Matthew Carr384SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Mo Freitas396SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Daniel Hasulyo397SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Bruno Hasulyo398SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Ramon Mercado400SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Martin Vitry405SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Titouan Puyo408SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Stevie Bodden409SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Louanne Harris413SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Jeisson Tovar414SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Rafael Caballero416SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Ty Judson418SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Vinnicius Martins419SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Martino Rogai423SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Michael Booth424SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Ben Roth427Prone 14'18-49Guy
Jeff Henderson429SUP 14' and Under50-59Guy
Tomas Pecinka431SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Caleb Clark438SUP 14' and UnderU17Guy
Jamie Penland446SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Zach Rounsaville450SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Fiona Wylde451SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Travis Kindt459SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Bart Schad469SUP 14' and Under50-59Guy
Erik Lumbert470SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
John Deriggi473SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Vincent Dion474SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Ryland Hart477SUP 14' and UnderU17Guy
Joe Bark478Prone Unlimited50-59Guy
Packet Casey489SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Jeff Ouellette493SUP Unlimited50-59Guy
Kodie Peekstok496SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Terrene Black497SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Elijah Schoenig498SUP 14' and UnderU17Guy
Federico Esposito499SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Harry Maskell503SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Eri Tenorio507SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Sam English510SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Yuka Sato511SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Alice Henley515Prone Stock18-49Girl
Marcus Hansen520SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Chris Aguilar521Prone Stock18-49Guy
Jade Howson522SUP 14' and UnderU17Girl
Eric Bednorz525SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Nathan Cross532SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Michael Treman534SUP 14' and Under60+Guy
Enzo Bennett539SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Scott Baste540SUP 14' and Under50-59Guy
Tommy Buday541SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Candice Appleby546SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Brian Coen548SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Russ Scully550SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Eric Johnston553SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Karen Wilson554SUP 14' and Under60+Girl
Mike Evatt560SUP 14' and Under50-59Guy
Andew Mencinsky563SUP 14' and Under50-59Guy
Troy Gossard564SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Evelyn O'doherty565SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Dan Hamzic570SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Adam Piepkorn572SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Jonny Skolnick576Prone Unlimited18-49Guy
Tyler Bashor579SUP 14' and UnderU17Guy
Lincoln Dews581SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Daniel Willis Iii583Prone Stock18-49Guy
Bill Kraft585SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Aj Defilippis586Prone Unlimited18-49Guy
Niuhiti Buillard607SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Josh Riccio608SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Fernando Stalla609SUP 14' and Under18-49Guy
Guilherme Cunha610SUP 14' and UnderU17Guy
Alejandra Brito611SUP 14' and Under18-49Girl
Sarah Macneilage Patey5SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Darin Farmer6SUP 14'18-49Guy
Tracee Van Brunt8SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Rachel Belino10SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Nikki Pruksakasemsuk11SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Karin Helfmann16SUP 14'50-59Girl
Chris Rebman Berry23SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Pete Berry24Surfski Single50-59Guy
Ellen Meyer33SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Tommy Luc34SUP 14'50-59Guy
Frequelin Jean Marc37SUP 14'50-59Guy
Hocquinghem Stephane38SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Kourtney Auger39SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Mary Sheehy41SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Dan Dakin45SUP 14'18-49Guy
Mark Sanfacon46SUP 14'18-49Guy
Jeff Sanfacon47SUP 14'18-49Guy
Jason Ferreira49SUP 14'18-49Guy
Andy Anderson53SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Melissa Maillard55SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Zoe Johnson64SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Mike Molinari66SUP 14'18-49Guy
Laura Burton67SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
June Mizoguchi69SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Neil Macindoe70SUP 14'18-49Guy
Sue Sattler73SUP 12'6" and Under60+Girl
Paul Hummer75SUP 14'50-59Guy
Doug Vojtko76SUP 14'18-49Guy
Tony Chapman84SUP 14'60+Guy
Paul Camarena92SUP 14'18-49Guy
Gina Di Primio93SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Linda Weber94SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Paul Eschbach104Surfski Single18-49Guy
Maureen Roeber106SUP 14'50-59Girl
Scott Feierstein107SUP 14'18-49Guy
Karl Eugster108SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Guy
Scott Jorss109SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Guy
Paul Wiech113SUP 14'18-49Guy
Jac Citera114SUP 14'60+Guy
Dan Lukens118SUP 14'50-59Guy
Sophie Trowbridge119SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Sara Mele121SUP 14'18-49Girl
Gina Giambattista126SUP 14'50-59Girl
John Cox128SUP 14'60+Guy
Eric Nelson129SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Guy
Mark Ingemi131SUP 14'18-49Guy
Doug Haynie134SUP 14'18-49Guy
Lawrence Goldstein137SUP 14'50-59Guy
Buddy Rush140SUP 14'18-49Guy
Sammie Arnold141SUP 14'50-59Girl
Wendell Martin142OC-160+Guy
Michael Melville144SUP 14'60+Guy
Mike Canfield147Surfski Single50-59Guy
Guy Peterson149SUP 14'60+Guy
Traci Barry151SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
John Carter160SUP 14'60+Guy
Jonathan Bischof163SUP 14'60+Guy
Robert Peters164SUP 12'6" and UnderU17Guy
Michael Shroyer166SUP 14'50-59Guy
Warren Ratley171Prone Stock50-59Guy
Jeff Browning173SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Guy
Patrick Michael174SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Guy
Christopher Zaveruha177SUP 14'18-49Guy
Heidi Stone178SUP 14'60+Girl
Gail Kotowski181SUP 14'60+Girl
Kim Nalepinski185SUP 14'18-49Girl
Erin Kundolf188SUP 14'18-49Girl
Matthew Nacy190SUP 14'50-59Guy
Brooke Berkeley196SUP 14'18-49Guy
Glen Buchanan197SUP 14'18-49Guy
David Jeffcoat198SUP 14'18-49Guy
Michele Porter202SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
John Meskauskas205SUP 14'18-49Guy
Julie Munaco206SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
John Richardson207SUP 14'60+Guy
Danny Stacey208SUP 14'60+Guy
Sara Rair213SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Alice Batson215SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Sarah Nelson216SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Sarah Westbrook219SUP 14'18-49Girl
Brenda Norman222SUP 12'6" and Under60+Girl
Eric Mims224Surfski Single18-49Guy
Nate Humberston225Surfski Single18-49Guy
Mark Mckenzie226Surfski Single18-49Guy
Flavio Costa227Surfski Single18-49Guy
Jesse Lishchuk228Surfski Single18-49Guy
Pam Boteler229Surfski Single18-49Girl
Mark Smith230Surfski Single50-59Guy
Oscar Chalupsky231Surfski Single50-59Guy
Marissa Walch232SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Wyatt Everhart234SUP 14'18-49Guy
Rachael Minnich237SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Mike Taber238SUP 14'18-49Guy
Lianne Dunbar240SUP 14'50-59Girl
Doug Legan243SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Matthew Mcosker248SUP 14'18-49Guy
Steve Phillips250SUP 14'18-49Guy
Brian Garnett256SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Guy
Darren Crozier259Surfski Single50-59Guy
William Schaet263Surfski Single60+Guy
Justin Schaay264SUP 14'18-49Guy
David Hurlock269Surfski Single50-59Guy
Rob Mckinnie271SUP 14'18-49Guy
Roxane Robinson273SUP 14'60+Girl
Julia Nicholls274OC-160+Girl
Chris Martin275SUP 14'18-49Guy
John Beausang276Surfski Single18-49Guy
Dave Wacht280SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Michael Alexeev282Surfski Single50-59Guy
Scotty Scott290SUP 14'18-49Guy
Darian Hildreth291SUP Unlimited18-49Guy
Dave Simmons297SUP 14'50-59Guy
Alex Young298SUP 14'50-59Guy
Cliff Roach299Surfski Single50-59Guy
Eric Moe303SUP 14'18-49Guy
Rowan Sampson304Surfski Single50-59Guy
Peter Morgan311Surfski Single18-49Guy
Meg Bosi315SUP 14'18-49Girl
Jessica Kennedy317OC-118-49Girl
Kevin Haigis320SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Lindsay Cook321SUP 14'18-49Girl
Leslie Chappell323Surfski Single50-59Girl
Chris Chappell324Surfski Single50-59Guy
Ron Medlin325SUP 14'18-49Guy
Scott Thomas330SUP 14'50-59Guy
Ralph Dismukes333Surfski Single50-59Guy
Kata Dismukes334Surfski Single18-49Girl
Laurel Kritkausky Coburn335SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Jaime Davis336SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
John Lesher339SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Cody Iorns342SUP 14'18-49Guy
Farah Mughal-wingler344SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Paul Griffin345SUP 14'18-49Guy
Larry Lubbers347Surfski Single60+Guy
David Rush349OC-150-59Guy
Pam Bader353SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Jessie Weyenberg355SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Sonia Montes De Oca359SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Hugh Dawson361SUP 14'60+Guy
Andrew Dawson362SUP 14'18-49Guy
Jeff Cowley363SUP 14'50-59Guy
Braxton Carter365Surfski Single18-49Guy
Vadim Lishchuk367Surfski Single18-49Guy
Leonardo Cacatian370Surfski Single18-49Guy
Megan Gillon372SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Randy Rair373SUP 14'18-49Guy
Mark Bandy374SUP 14'50-59Guy
Scott Jarden376SUP 14'60+Guy
Dustin Bumgardner378Prone Unlimited18-49Guy
Jamie Curran380SUP 14'50-59Guy
Paige Spiller381SUP 14'18-49Girl
Ernie Eller382SUP 14'18-49Guy
Jeff Schmidt385SUP 14'50-59Guy
Fred Charles387Surfski Single50-59Guy
Kim Mallard394SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Charlie Martel395SUP 14'50-59Guy
Christopher Mcentee399SUP 14'50-59Guy
Matt Kenney403SUP 14'18-49Guy
Dawn Pelo415SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Rafael Caballero416SUP 14'18-49Guy
Brent Thomasmeyer420SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Austin Thomasmeyer421SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Erin O'brien426SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Paul Mcclellan428SUP 14'50-59Guy
Kate Grove430SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Lindsay Ford432SUP 14'18-49Girl
Steve Marshall433SUP 14'18-49Guy
Adam Clark434SUP 14'18-49Guy
Amy Clark436SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Mark Hamilton439Surfski Single60+Guy
Nate Wollenburg441SUP 14'18-49Guy
William Cummins444Surfski Single18-49Guy
Will Cutler445SUP 14'18-49Guy
Naomi Gutnik447SUP 14'18-49Girl
Sam Coleman456SUP 14'50-59Guy
Marc Anderson460SUP 14'18-49Guy
Steve Hardy462SUP 14'60+Guy
David Snipes463SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Kristi Falco465SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Valeria Salustri471SUP 12'6" and UnderU17Girl
Nolan Vanderslice472SUP 12'6" and UnderU17Guy
John Deriggi473SUP 14'18-49Guy
Frank Goldstein481SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Mike Giambattista482SUP 14'50-59Guy
Jen Hulett485SUP 14'18-49Girl
Tony Peters486SUP 14'18-49Guy
Veronica Wold488SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Sam Griffin491SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Jeff Ouellette493SUP Unlimited50-59Guy
Timothy Myers494SUP 14'50-59Guy
Brendan Sweetman495SUP 14'50-59Guy
Thomas Wilson506Prone 14'18-49Guy
Mark Wamble509SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Heilani Cronsteadt513SUP 14'18-49Girl
Kim Hillhouse514SUP 14'18-49Girl
Blaise Rhodes517OC-150-59Guy
Kelly Rhodes518Surfski Single18-49Girl
Edie Call524SUP 14'18-49Girl
Mary Zarcone533SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Chung Ha535Kayak50-59Guy
F M Lendor538SUP 14'18-49Guy
Glenn Davis543SUP 14'50-59Guy
Tony Pros544SUP 14'18-49Guy
Sam Jarvis551Kayak18-49Guy
Craig Stephens, Dana Stephens552OC-250-59Mixed
Christos Douroudis555SUP 14'18-49Guy
David Slemp556SUP 14'50-59Guy
Rand Perkins557Surfski Single60+Guy
Jason Phipps574SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Jeremy Whitted575SUP 14'18-49Guy
Peter Lempesis580OC-118-49Guy
Evan Young582SUP 14'18-49Guy
John Roberts587OC-118-49Guy
Andy Weinbach588SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Shendan Grove589SUP 14'18-49Guy
Franklin Lendor590SUP 14'18-49Guy
Chris Freeman591SUP 14'18-49Guy
Jessica Cichra592SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Carleen Birnes593SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Michael Thomas594SUP 14'50-59Guy
Heather Leimer17SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Tamalika Ramsey18SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Mixed
Eric Fonville19SUP 12'6" and UnderU17Mixed
Allison Moe20SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Genevieve Rockett21SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Liza Davis22SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Saylor Emmart28SUP 12'6" and UnderU17Girl
Mechelle Noronha30SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Karen Tilley42SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Sherry Roy44SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Joy Riddle50SUP 14'18-49Girl
Jonathan Ware54SUP 14'50-59Guy
Jessica Melger56SUP 14'18-49Girl
Megan Cynowa57SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Dr Rob Cynowa58SUP 14'18-49Guy
April Davis59SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Edward Engle62SUP 14'50-59Guy
Lynda Roszel65SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Patti Lowden72SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Scott Simmons78SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Hayley Kabana79SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Sue Kabana81SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Krista Pianko83SUP 14'18-49Girl
Colin Wilkinson89SUP 14'18-49Guy
Campbell Carter90SUP 12'6" and Under12-14Guy
Stanton Roeber101Prone Unlimited60+Guy
Angela Mayfield105SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Chris Dowling111SUP 14'18-49Guy
Peter Thibodeau112SUP 14'18-49Guy
Laura Jones116SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Meredith Jorss117SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Diane Lukens125SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Kaila Riddle127SUP 14'15-17Girl
Julie Carmalt133SUP 14'50-59Girl
Erin Fitzpatrick143SUP 12'6" and Under12-14Girl
Mason Kober145SUP 12'6" and Under11 and underGuy
Robert Allison148OC-150-59Guy
Viva Lachance156SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Eric Lachance159SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Guy
Brett Currier161SUP 14'18-49Guy
Barb Coon165SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Heidi Leah Schmidt168SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Julia Hughes170SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Stella Gan172SUP 14'18-49Girl
Jeff Browning173SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Guy
Patrick Michael174SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Guy
Amy Corona175SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Odessa Oneil176SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Ray Worrell179OC-150-59Guy
Nancy Coddington180SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Tom Dudley182SUP 14'50-59Guy
Lance Allen186SUP 14'50-59Guy
Allison Martin-attix189SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Kari Nacy191SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Caroline Barlow192SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Diane Juras200SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Tim Ahmuty201SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Guy
Rick Ormsby203SUP 14'60+Guy
Carrie Hamorsky204SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
John Richardson207SUP 14'60+Guy
Micalla Mikus210SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Mike Bartos217SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Guy
Alexander Soulas220SUP 14'18-49Guy
Colleen Panetta239SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Natalie Miller244SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Sheryl Paynter247SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Emma Engle249SUP 12'6" and Under12-14Girl
Steele Phillips251SUP 14'15-17Guy
Marie Hardy255SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Molly Mcginn284SUP 14'18-49Mixed
Georgia Bloomer-rancourt285SUP 12'6" and Under11 and underGirl
Nicki Bloomer286SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Aymee Vasquez296SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Samantha Stewart301SUP 14'18-49Girl
Craig Bittner305SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Kathryn Emmart308SUP 12'6" and Under12-14Girl
Suzanne Jackson309SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Kevin Fink310SUP 14'50-59Guy
Beth Paquette313SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Kerrie Ellen Lovercheck316SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Jeff Bernardi329SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Holly Wagner332SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Stacy Drew340SUP 14'18-49Girl
Deborah West341SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Lisa Hoff343SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Mike West346SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Guy
Mike Nualla350SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Christy Aley357SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Tim Morey358SUP 14'60+Guy
Dawn M Preziosi364SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Jon Henderson366SUP 14'18-49Guy
Matt Roggenburg368SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Guy
Gail Case375SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Scott Jarden376SUP 14'60+Guy
Nikki Jarden377SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Brent Herlong379SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Jamie Curran380SUP 14'50-59Guy
Wyatt Moore383SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Debbi Overbeck386SUP 12'6" and Under60+Girl
Mitch Cherry388SUP 14'50-59Guy
Emmye Cherry389SUP 14'50-59Girl
Brian Lee390SUP 14'18-49Guy
Turner Lee391Prone Stock11 and underGuy
William Lee392SUP 12'6" and Under11 and underGuy
Charlie Martel395SUP 14'50-59Guy
Jen Franklin401SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Lorraine Carawan402SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Mark Robinson404SUP 14'18-49Guy
Emily Schofield410SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Steve Capps411SUP 14'50-59Guy
Keith Kopasky422SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Guy
Ken Gallant435SUP 14'60+Guy
George Norberg437SUP 14'60+Guy
Jeff Jones443SUP 12'6" and Under60+Guy
Will Jones453SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Weston Jones454SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
James Chandler455SUP 12'6" and Under60+Guy
Matthew Hart461SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Sheree Lincoln464SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Dijana Longworth475SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Barbara Bach476SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Rick Alexander479SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Jean Saulnier480SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Girl
Heidi Kemler487SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Abby Kern501SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Dylan Henry502SUP 14'18-49Guy
Natalee Wamble508SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Edward Ricca512SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Jared Nelson518SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Haywood Newkirk523SUP 12'6" and Under15-17Girl
Stephanie Bragg531SUP 14'18-49Girl
Tabitha Price536SUP 14'18-49Girl
Melissa Newell537SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Tracie Georgiadis542SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Stephanie Morris545SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Marcus Eschbach547Surfski Single11 and underGuy
Duncan Eller549SUP 12'6" and Under12-14Guy
David Russotto558SUP 14'50-59Guy
Amanda Medina559SUP 14'18-49Girl
Mikki Wilson561SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Mixed
Abbey Sangmeister562Prone 14'18-49Girl
David Borresen566SUP 14'18-49Guy
Jena Schmidt567SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Dylan Schmidt568SUP 12'6" and Under11 and underGirl
Nixon Schmidt569SUP 12'6" and Under11 and underGuy
Katherine Elzer-peters573SUP 14'18-49Girl
Heather Davis577SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Alexander Ottodinoto578SUP 12'6" and Under11 and underGuy
Brooke Young584SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
David Young595SUP 14'50-59Guy
Jeff Berry596SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Bern Collins597Kayak60+Guy
Robert Brady598SUP 12'6" and Under50-59Guy
Sarah Radabaugh599SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Jany Tousignant600SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Girl
Richard Lee601SUP 12'6" and Under18-49Guy
Tad Thornhill602SUP 14'18-49Guy
Jala Sue603SUP 14'18-49Girl
Truma Edgerton604SUP 12'6" and Under15-17Girl
Jan Lupinski606Surfski Single50-59Guy
Barry Blackburn15OC-118-49Guy
Margo Pellegrino25OC-150-59Girl
Kevin Kahikina40OC-150-59Guy
Dan Miller52OC-118-49Guy
Derek Schrotter91OC-118-49Guy
Robert Norman100OC-118-49Guy
Aimee Spector115OC-118-49Girl
April Zilg124OC-118-49Girl
Wendell Martin142OC-160+Guy
Nick Goings, Steve Lewis146OC-218-49Guy
Robert Allison148OC-150-59Guy
Danny Ching162OC-118-49Guy
Ray Worrell179OC-150-59Guy
Chris Mulstay184Surfski Single18-49Guy
Matt Lennert, Melissa Camphous221OC-218-49Guy
Eric Mims224Surfski Single18-49Guy
Nate Humberston225Surfski Single18-49Guy
Jesse Lishchuk228Surfski Single18-49Guy
Pam Boteler229Surfski Single18-49Girl
Oscar Chalupsky231Surfski Single50-59Guy
Flavio Costa235Surfski Single50-59Guy
Harrison Deisroth241OC-1U17Guy
John Pollock242Surfski Single60+Guy
Darren Crozier259Surfski Single50-59Guy
Sean Havens260OC-118-49Guy
William Schaet263Surfski Single60+Guy
Justin Schaay264Surfski Single18-49Guy
Georges Cronsteadt265OC-118-49Guy
John Beausang276Surfski Single18-49Guy
James Bain277OC-118-49Guy
Andy Mcmarlin279Surfski Single18-49Guy
Michael Alexeev282Surfski Single50-59Guy
Travis Grant288OC-118-49Guy
Darian Hildreth291OC-118-49Guy
Brian Meyer295OC-118-49Guy
Cliff Roach299Surfski Single50-59Guy
Dan Havens, Theresa Haught302OC-250-59Mixed
Rowan Sampson304Surfski Single50-59Guy
Bevin Schmidt307Surfski Single50-59Guy
Peter Morgan311Surfski Single18-49Guy
Jessica Kennedy317OC-118-49Girl
Steve Dullack328OC-118-49Guy
Scott Thomas330Surfski Single50-59Guy
Ralph Dismukes333Surfski Single50-59Guy
Kata Dismukes334Surfski Single18-49Girl
David Rush349OC-150-59Guy
Jeff Cowley363Surfski Single50-59Guy
Braxton Carter365Surfski Single18-49Guy
Sunny Jackson393OC-118-49Girl
Michael Booth424Surfski Single18-49Guy
Troy Camphous, Matt Lennert425OC-218-49Guy
Mark Hamilton439Surfski Single60+Guy
Leah Ching440OC-118-49Girl
William Cummins444Surfski Single18-49Guy
Chris Curry449OC-118-49Guy
Eric Costanzo457Surfski Single18-49Guy
Ryland Hart477OC-1U17Guy
Chip Bock500OC-150-59Guy
Kevin Rhodes516OC-150-59Guy
Blaise Rhodes, Kelly Rhodes518OC-250-59Mixed
Tyler Hustrulid, Doug Ellis519OC-218-49Guy
Rand Perkins557Surfski Single60+Guy
David James, Chris Martin571OC-250-59Guy
Melissa Camphous, Matt Lennert589OC-218-49Mixed
Kiril Florov605Surfski Single60+Guy
Jan Lupinski606Surfski Single50-59Guy
Rob Moran35SUP Under 12'6"7-8Girl
Scott Simmons78SUP Under 12'6"U8Girl
Jameson Roeber99SUP Under 12'6"7-8Guy
Mason Kober145SUP Under 12'6"9-10Guy
Kate Hardy254SUP Under 12'6"10-12Girl
Georgia Bloomer-rancourt285SUP Under 12'6"9-10Girl
Kathryn Emmart308SUP Under 12'6"10-12Girl
Holly Wagner332SUP Under 12'6"10-12Guy
Noah Anderson369SUP Under 12'6"10-12Guy
Mark Robinson404SUP Under 12'6"9-10Guy
Evan Kavcic467SUP Under 12'6"7-8Guy
Connor Kavcic468SUP Under 12'6"U6Guy
Jeff Nagy490SUP Under 12'6"9-10Girl
Penelope Haynie526SUP Under 12'6"7-8Girl
Kate Haynie527SUP Under 12'6"7-8Girl
Mary Paige Mott528SUP Under 12'6"9-10Girl
Abby Moe529SUP Under 12'6"10-12Girl
Thomas Moe530SUP Under 12'6"7-8Guy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Harbor Island 5K Recreational Race

Saturday, April 22
Racers Meeting at 8:30am
Race begins at 9:00am 
This is a 3.5-mile flat water race, in the inland waterways and ICWW around Harbor Island in Wrightsville Beach. There are currents and wind, some boat traffic, but no ocean swells and a large portion of the race is in no-wake zones. This 3.5 mile race around Harbor Island on Wrightsville Beach is the 5K of the SUP race scene. It’s the perfect distance and course to start off on your SUP race adventure. Depending on your board and experience, it will take between 50 minutes and and hour and a half to complete the course. This is a great opportunity to get on a board and enjoy the water, enjoy the day.


Money Island 10K Open Race

Saturday, April 22
Racers Meeting at 9:15am
Race begins at 9:30am
This is a longer flat-water race, in the inland waterways around Wrightsville Beach, Harbor Island and the spoil islands between WB and Masonboro Island. Just like the Recreational Race, there are currents and wind, but no ocean swells. This 6 mile race around Harbor Island on Wrightsville Beach is the 10K of the SUP race scene. It’s the perfect distance and course if you’ve been paddling and want a challenge. This is an intermediate to advanced race. Depending on your board and experience, it will take between 1 and 2 hours to complete the course. This is a great opportunity to get into the racing scene, to push you body, and to see what you can do.


Graveyard 13-mile Elite Race

Saturday, April 22
Racers Meeting at 9:45am
Race begins at 10:00am

This is a beach start and finish. This is a 12.6-13.2-mile ocean and flatwater race, started on the ocean side of the Blockade Runner Beach Resort, out through the surf, downwind to the inlet, into the inland waterways and ICWW around Wrightsville Beach. There are two inlets, one of which will require racers to surf waves in through the inlet. There will be some boat traffic, and ocean swells. The ocean section of the race will be the downwind section, if the weather cooperates. We will change the direction of the race to optimize the conditions for a fast, fun, challenging race. The mileage depends on the line you take. This Carolina Cup paddle race is for elite paddlers with the skill and fitness to complete this endurance challenge. Depending on your board and experience, it will take between 2 and 3.5 hours to complete the course. This is a great opportunity to push your limits and measure yourself against some of the best paddlers in the world.



THERE IS A 5 HOUR LIMIT on the Elite Race.

Divisions: Juniors (under 16), Mens and Women's, Over 50 Mens and Women's BOARD SIZES: Stock (12’6” and under), 14’ and Unlimited SUP, stock, 14 and unlimited traditional paddleboard, OC-1, OC-2, surf ski, Ocean Kayak

MONEY DIVISION/CASH PRIZES: Women's Elite Stock (12’6” and under), and Mens Elite 14’

Kids Race
The race will be Sunday and will and will be divided into age appropriate brackets to encourage safety and the camaraderie of friendly competition. Every kid’s a winner and everyone walks away with a shirt . It’s for kids 7 to 14 and is more of a family, fun event.

The more future watermen there are, the better the world will be. Let’s all pass the aloha on…
Girls and Boys Divisions:

  • under 12 kid race will be free this year

All competitors have to wear USCG-approved life jackets and can not wear waist-inflatable pfds. Race can be cancelled due to weather and conditions.

Surfski and Outrigger race

Sunday, April 23
Race Begins: 9

Graveyard Course, but we start and finish on the Sound Side. Water start and beach finish.

There is no OC-6 Race this year at the Cup



There is a way to call for parking, You can pay for a daily pass from the machine and park at a meter.


Apr 19 to Apr 22, 2018


Wrightsville Beach, NC