The Cold Hands Paddle 2017

RACE: The Cold Hands Paddle draws paddlers from all over Southern California who brave the ocean waters off Cabrillo Beach, in San Pedro, CA  to race what some call The Official Start to the Paddling Season!

Come for the race, stay for the raffle and awards ceremony! Free to participate! All ages welcome!

COURSE: An awesome (some say not even cold!) 4 mile course starting in front of the Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse, around the famous lighthouse, and finishing inside the breakwall at Cabrillo Beach. See our Race Map for details.

DIVISIONS: Sorry, only paddleboards and SUPs will be awarded.
Dory boats, surf skis, kayaks, and OC1s are welcome to participate as well.

PRONE- Men's, Women's and Juniors: Stock and Unlimited
SUP- Men's, Women's and Juniors: Stock and Unlimited

REGISTRATION: No fee to race! Register online to pre-order the famous Cold Hands t-shirt. $20 pre-order, $25 race day. We will sell out, so pre-order to guarantee your shirt. 

RAFFLE: Register online to pre-order raffle tickets. All proceeds of the raffle benefit the Sarcoma Alliance and the fight against cancer. To find out more information or to donate, click here:OCEAN OF HOPE 

$5 or 5 tickets for $20

SPONSORS: Thank you for the continued support from The Cabrillo Beach Boosters, Joe Bark Paddleboards, Carapace Wetsuits, Ocean of Hope, Core Power Recovery, Port Town Brewing Company, Drunk Monk Bier, LA City and LA County Lifeguards.

Plenty of parking, though it may cost a few bucks. Show up ready to race! See our Race Maps for directions and satellite photos. Check out our Photo Gallery

RACE HISTORY: What started out as a friendly wager between two Los Angeles City Lifeguards in February of 2002, has turned into the Cold Hands Paddle. Every year the Cold Hands Paddle is set in the heart of the Southern Californian winter at the beginning of March when you never know what Mother Nature will have in store. See the current Cabrillo Beach Surf Report and water temperature!


The 2016 Cold Hands Paddle will be held on 3/6/2016 at 8:30am!

Registration starts at 7:30am at the Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse. It's FREE to participate, donate if you would like to help a great cause!

4 mile course starting in front of the Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse, around the famous lighthouse and finishing inside the breakwall at Cabrillo Beach.

7:30am registration and ticket sales open

8:25am pre-race course safety meeting @bathhouse lawn

8:30am race start

10:30am awards and raffle

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Juju Jones1OC-1Masters 50+Girl
Joe Mcgovern2Prone StockOpen 18-49Guy
M Torsten Rasborn3SUP RaceboardOpen 18-49Guy
Harrison Harper4Prone StockJuniorsGuy
Zack Heberer5Prone UnlimitedOpen 18-49Guy
Deon Lourens6Surfski SingleMasters 50+Guy
Ben Parry7Prone StockOpen 18-49Guy
Ron Adelhelm8SUP RaceboardMasters 50+Guy
Aimee Spector9Prone StockOpen 18-49Girl
Bunny Frost10SUP RaceboardOpen 18-49Guy
Abby Hatch11Prone StockJuniorsGirl
Marcus Hatch12Prone UnlimitedOpen 18-49Guy
Robert Schade13Prone UnlimitedMasters 50+Guy
John Martin14Prone UnlimitedMasters 50+Guy
John Gunning15Prone StockMasters 50+Guy
Sosy Markanian-robinson16SUP RaceboardOpen 18-49Girl
David Ginsburg17Prone UnlimitedOpen 18-49Guy
Glenn Gunnarson18Prone StockMasters 50+Guy
Andy Dowdell19SUP UnlimitedMasters 50+Guy
Lilly Nava20SUP RaceboardOpen 18-49Girl
Luke Erlbeck21Prone StockOpen 18-49Guy
Ron Witter22Prone UnlimitedMasters 50+Guy
Kurt Fry23Prone UnlimitedMasters 50+Guy
Rodney Harvey24Prone StockMasters 50+Guy
Kasey Harvey25SUP RaceboardJuniorsGirl
Kevin Dowdee26Prone StockMasters 50+Guy
Soryn Preston27SUP RaceboardJuniorsGirl
Edward Mckeegan28Prone UnlimitedMasters 50+Guy
Tim Hornsby, David Petrovics29Lifeguard Dory (2)Open 18-49Guy
Brendan Donohue30Prone StockOpen 18-49Guy
Miguel Elliot31SUP SurfboardMasters 50+Guy
Suzette Robinson32SUP RaceboardOpen 18-49Girl
Francziska Steagall33Prone UnlimitedMasters 50+Girl
Bob Willis34Prone UnlimitedMasters 50+Guy
Hugh Kretschmer35Prone UnlimitedMasters 50+Guy
Jorge Velazquez36SUP SurfboardMasters 50+Guy
Bart Schade37Prone StockOpen 18-49Guy
Andrew Schade38Prone StockOpen 18-49Guy
Sam Michel39Prone UnlimitedOpen 18-49Guy
Pete Bagoye40Prone UnlimitedMasters 50+Guy
Rodney Ellis41Prone StockOpen 18-49Guy
Brent Meyer42Prone UnlimitedOpen 18-49Guy
Casey Annis43Prone UnlimitedMasters 50+Guy
Collin Goddard44Prone StockOpen 18-49Guy
Cindy Shima45SUP UnlimitedMasters 50+Girl
Philip Barnett46Prone StockJuniorsGuy
Zane Booth47Prone StockJuniorsGuy
Heidi Stone48SUP RaceboardMasters 50+Girl
Joseph Diasparra49Prone StockOpen 18-49Guy
Cho Cho, Casey Graham50Lifeguard Dory (2)Masters 50+Guy
Kurt Schaefer51Prone StockMasters 50+Guy
Yann Lauletta52SUP RaceboardOpen 18-49Guy
Loraine Gruber53Prone StockMasters 50+Girl
John Nordin54SUP SurfboardOpen 18-49Guy
Jeronimo Merayo55Prone StockOpen 18-49Guy
Foster Campbell56Prone StockOpen 18-49Guy
Joe Scaturro57Prone StockOpen 18-49Guy
Vince Fiamengo, Jeff Hart58Lifeguard Dory (2)Open 18-49Guy
Wally Buckingham59Prone UnlimitedMasters 50+Guy
Paul Pianowski60SUP RaceboardOpen 18-49Guy
Laurie Armer61SUP RaceboardMasters 50+Girl
Kobe Sallstrom62Prone UnlimitedOpen 18-49Guy
Richard Oberlander63SUP RaceboardOpen 18-49Guy
Rich D'souza64SUP RaceboardMasters 50+Guy
Kurt Benson65SUP RaceboardMasters 50+Guy
Cat Malicki66Prone StockOpen 18-49Girl
Ruth Parish67SUP UnlimitedMasters 50+Girl
Gena Shington68SUP SurfboardMasters 50+Girl
Jon Stange69Prone UnlimitedMasters 50+Guy
Johannes Bernbeck70Prone UnlimitedMasters 50+Guy
Katie Hazelrigg71Prone StockOpen 18-49Girl
Elisa De La Pena-nagle72Prone StockOpen 18-49Girl
Philip Loy73SUP RaceboardOpen 18-49Guy
Stephen Sinkus74SUP UnlimitedOpen 18-49Guy
Peggy Reilly75SUP RaceboardMasters 50+Girl
Ron Ehrhard76Surfski SingleOpen 18-49Guy
Gary Tomlin77Prone StockMasters 50+Guy
Alan Chalom78SUP RaceboardMasters 50+Guy
Brandon Gherardi79Prone StockOpen 18-49Guy
Kenny Kwong80SUP RaceboardMasters 50+Guy
Tyson Schilz81Prone UnlimitedOpen 18-49Guy
Tom Thomas82Prone UnlimitedMasters 50+Guy
Mark Schulein83Prone StockOpen 18-49Guy
Kenny Atkins, Bobby Barrett84Lifeguard Dory (2)Masters 50+Guy
Mike Avery85Prone StockMasters 50+Guy
Lisa Hanscom86Prone StockOpen 18-49Girl
Dj O'brien87Prone StockMasters 50+Girl
Phil Coffman88SUP RaceboardOpen 18-49Guy
Julia Aranda89SUP RaceboardMasters 50+Girl
Marisa Kuiken90Prone StockOpen 18-49Girl
Shane Gherardi91Prone StockJuniorsGuy
Shelby Craig92Prone StockOpen 18-49Guy
Nick Sullivan93Prone StockOpen 18-49Guy
Corey Hamilton94SUP RaceboardOpen 18-49Guy
Peter Lakos95SUP RaceboardOpen 18-49Guy
Jodie Nelson96SUP RaceboardOpen 18-49Girl
Taylor Nelson97SUP RaceboardOpen 18-49Guy

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

4 mile course from outside Cabrillo Beach to inside Cabrillo Beach. 

3720 Stephen M. White Drive San Pedro, CA 90731

Los Angeles City Lifeguard Headquarters at Cabrillo Beach: 310-548-2909.


Mar 5, 2017


San Pedro, CA