The Great Ohio River Odyssey 2017

The Great Ohio River Odyssey is the eighth event of the Explore Kentucky Initiative's paddlesports racing series, The Kentucky Waterman Series which is presented by Southern Paddlesports LLC. Paddlers will have the opportunity to take on three unique courses on waterways in the Greater Louisville Area: The Westport to Downtown Louisville 22 Mile Race, 7 Mile Captains Quarters to Downtown Open Race, & the Harrods Creek Run 2.5 Mile Run. Race classes will consist of men, women's, and youth Kentucky Waterman Series divisions which include Prone, SUP 14, SUP 12'6 , Kayak, High Performance Kayak, Solo Canoe, Tandem Kayak, and Tandem Canoe.

If racing isn't your jam, that is okay! You can still float with us 7 miles from Captain Quarters to Downtown Louisville.

For course descriptions and more information:

Registration Deadline: September 10th, 2017

Transfer/Refund Policy

Entry fees are non-transferable. We offer a partial reimbursement of registration fees if paddlers cannot attend event. Race credit is available.

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Todd Suter6SUP 14'AllGuy
Randy Ray10High Performance KayakAllGuy
Becky Striet11SUP 14'AllGirl
Terry Smith13High Performance KayakAllGuy
Lee Droppelman16High Performance KayakAllGuy
Brady Taylor18KayakAllGuy
Adrian Angell20SUP 14'AllGuy
David Dockstader22KayakAllGuy
Sylvia Bednarski32KayakAllGirl
Andrew Lorenz36KayakAllGuy
Chris Chandler40High Performance KayakAllGuy
Tim Schramm45High Performance KayakAllGuy
William Cummins46High Performance KayakAllGuy
Aaron Denney52KayakAllGuy
Tracey Simmons2512'6 SUP & UnderAllGirl
Kenton Doyle2612'6 SUP & UnderAllGuy
Debbie Koenig2812'6 SUP & UnderAllGirl
Eric Mckendrick41KayakAllGuy
Nicole Mckendrick42KayakAllGirl
Leila Mende4812'6 SUP & UnderAllGirl
Shannon Miller5112'6 SUP & UnderAllGirl
Shannon Gerow6012'6 SUP & UnderAllGirl
George Hall1KayakAllGuy
Hugh Brooks2SUP 14' & UnlimitedAllGuy
Mark Snider3High Performance KayakAllGuy
Andrew Gooding4KayakAllGuy
Leslie Maclin812'6 SUP & UnderAllGirl
Sue Douglas9High Performance KayakAllGirl
Kalie Mckinley1212'6 SUP & UnderAllGirl
Erik Snider14High Performance KayakAllGuy
Joe Danaher15KayakAllGuy
Elaine Harold17High Performance KayakAllGirl
Cheryl Gault19KayakAllGirl
Michael Sweeny23High Performance KayakAllGuy
Annie Button2412'6 SUP & UnderAllGirl
Hollie Hall27High Performance KayakAllGirl
Ted Nelson29SUP 14' & UnlimitedAllGuy
Jessie Yates3012'6 SUP & UnderAllGirl
Tasha Sams33KayakAllGirl
Mimi Hahn3512'6 SUP & UnderAllGirl
Jonathan Ware37C1AllGuy
Lori Dawn Vaught38KayakAllGirl
Ben Miller3912'6 SUP & UnderAllGuy
Marc Rounsaville43SUP 14' & UnlimitedAllGuy
Bucky Knaebel4912'6 SUP & UnderAllGuy
Laura Mirabile50High Performance KayakAllGirl
Rafael Reyes53High Performance KayakAllGuy
Leah Fuller5512'6 SUP & UnderAllGirl
Diego Sanchez5612'6 SUP & UnderAllGuy
Brian Kopke57C1AllGuy
Kenny Wooton59C1AllGuy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Sep 16, 2017


Louisville, KY