Tiburon Waterfront SUP Race

Hosted by Desolation Outdoors, Sam's Anchor Cafe, Lyndasue Johnson, Bradley Real Estate and the Tiburon Chamber of Commerce, this is a fun race with courses suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced standup paddle boarders.

The races will start and end at Sam's Anchor Café in downtown Tiburon and will proceed along the Tiburon waterfront with incredible views of San Francisco, Angel Island and the Golden Gate Bridge. 
Come on out to enjoy incredible people, amazing views, support local business and win some great prizes!

Entry Fee: $30.00
Sign up today to ensure your spot or just come on down and sign up on race day! Individuals who do not pre-register may pay with cash or Visa or MasterCard card on race day. Get there early to ensure your spot. Must have valid form of ID in order to register at the event.

Space is limited, register today!

Entry fee includes coffee and bagels in the morning and an opportunity to win great prizes from Desolation Outdoors along with other great gifts from local companies.
Eligibility: The regatta is open to all stand up paddle boarders and single hull standup paddleboards.

Special race pricing on Desolation Outdoors' standup paddleboards is available. Order your board by July 1 to ensure it will be in your hands via free shipping by Monday, July 6. 

Shop: www.desolationoutdoors.com
use promo code SUPTIBURON to receive $100 off any board!

Stand up paddleboards, paddles and life jackets can be rented through Demo Sport in Tiburon, CA. Please contact Steve Merrifield of Demo Sport to rent equipment. (415) 454-3500  
For more information, contact Race Organizer:
Desolation Outdoors
Torben Yjord-Jackson
415-259-8088 mobile


These Official Race Rules and Regulations (the “Rules”) have been established for the Tiburon Waterfront Stand Up Paddle Board Race to be held on July 11, 2015 (the “Race”).

Each Participant must carefully read and familiarize himself or herself with these Rules prior to the Race. Compliance with these Rules is a requirement of being allowed to participate in the Race.

Each Participant must attend a pre-Race meeting and comply with all instructions provided at that time. They must also read all postings to keep themselves informed of Race conditions.

Each Participant must have the following: (1) a lifejacket on board their Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP); (2) a leash attached to their SUP and one ankle; and (3) Dogs participating within the "Pup's that SUP" fleet are required to have a life jacket on them at all times.

Each Participant must stand on their SUP while paddling once the Race has started until crossing over the finish line. It is permissible to sit, lay, or kneel to rest on the SUP without making forward progress. If a Participant takes more than five strokes while sitting, laying, or kneeling once the Race has started, he or she may be disqualified, with the following exception: If the Participant needs to sit, lay, or kneel for safety reasons to avoid a potentially dangerous situation that would put him, her, or others at risk of injury and/or property damage.

A Participant shall only use the paddle, waves, and wind to propel the SUP forward during the Race. No outside assistance drafting a vessel not in the race, form of sail, clothing designed to catch wind, or any other speed device not considered the norm in SUP racing is permitted (boat wakes are considered natural conditions unless a Participant is deemed as receiving an unfair advantage over other Participants as a result of such wake).

The Race Sponsors have designated individuals (“Event Personnel”) to monitor and oversee the Race, both on- water and off-water. The primary responsibility of Event Personnel is to safeguard, to the best of their ability, the well-being of Race participants, spectators, and others who are involved in the Race. Each Participant must at all times comply with the instructions and directives provided by Event Personnel, as such instructions and directives may be given from time to time. These may include, but are not limited to, oral statements, hand gestures, and physical contact if called for under the circumstances.

If a Participant is injured or is in need of help during the Race, he or she should (1) shout for help, (2) waive his or her hands visibly outside of the water, and (3) place his or her paddle outside of the water, vertically in the air (pointing toward the sky) and waiving it in order to draw attention.

Participants must not collide with, obstruct, interfere with, cause bodily injury or harm to, damage the property of, use profane language toward, or act disrespectfully toward any other Participant. Creating more challenging conditions for other Participants as a result of one’s own conduct is prohibited. Participants must act in a sportsmanlike fashion at all times.

Each Participant should be alert for others who may require assistance during the Race and alert Event Personnel if someone appears to be in danger.

Failure to comply with these Rules and/or any instructions and directives given to a participant by Race personnel will result in the revocation of a Participant’s right to continue to participate in the Race and the Participant’s removal from the area in which the Race is held.

Registration: 8:00 am - 8:40 am    
(Sam’s Anchor Café outdoor dining deck)

Race Briefing: 8:40 am

Race Start: 
Advanced: 9:10 am
Intermediate: 9:20 am
Beginner: 9:30 am
Pups that SUP: 9:40 am

Awards: 11:30am - 12:00 pm

Mingle, food & drink (no host): all day post-racing!

Event personnel will be on hand to safeguard your equipment until 1:00 PM.

This list is private.

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

The Advanced race course will be just about 6 miles in length and will proceed down the Tiburon Waterfront where athletes will round the tip of the peninsula to make their way towards a mark rounding offshore from Paradise Beach Park. Racers will then make their way back to the finish at Sam’s Anchor Café. 

The Intermediate race course will be approximately 5 miles in length and will proceed down the Tiburon waterfront where athletes will round the tip of the peninsula to make their way towards the turnaround point at the Romberg Tiburon Center. Athletes will then make their way back to the finish at Sam’s Anchor Café. 

The Beginner course is just under 2.5 miles in length and will proceed down the Tiburon waterfront to Kyle Cove, then turn around to return to the finish at Sam's Anchor Cafe. 

Upon arriving at the event, please park at the Main Street Parking Lot at the end of Main Street across from the Corinthian Yacht Club. 

Once parked, please walk with your equipment to Sam’s Anchor Café at 27 Main Street in Tiburon. You will be greeted by event personnel at the bar entrance door who will guide you as to where you need to go to drop your equipment off and check in for the event. Event personnel will be on site to safeguard your equipment until 2:00pm on race day. 


Jul 11, 2015


Tiburon, CA