US Sup Tour

Tour Overview

The US SUP Tour is the joint brainchild of surfer, turned SUP surfer, Ian Cairns and Chuck Hendsch, now also an avid SUP Surfer. The idea of the tour is to create a series of US events that provide a uniform platform for SUP Racers and Surfers to compete on a regular basis, both as professionals and as recreational paddlers. We all know that SUP has the potential to blow up huge, but someone has to go out and make it happen. This is our contribution to the movement.


SUP Surf Pro, SUP Surf Open, SUP Pro Technical Race, Sup Open Technical Race   

Prize money

Surf Schedule:
Saturday Morning 7:00 am Sup Surf will begin
Heat sheets will be posted  Friday night. 
Registration Open at 6:30

Race Schedule:
Sunday Morning 9:00 am Sup Race will begin 
Registration Open at 8:00 am

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Brandon Rambo3SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Taylor Rambo4SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Ralph Yeramian5SUP Surfboard50+Guy
Emmy Merrill7SUP Surfboard18-49Girl
Bernd Roediger9SUP SurfboardU17Guy
Nick Ventresca10SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Sean Poynter12SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Sophia Tiare-bartlow13SUP Surfboard18-49Girl
Fisher Grant14SUP SurfboardU17Guy
Kieran Grant15SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Halie Harrison17SUP Surfboard18-49Girl
Yann Quilfen18SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Vanina Walsh19SUP SurfboardU17Girl
Giorgio Gomez21SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Izzi Gomez22SUP SurfboardU17Girl
Zane Schweitzer23SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Daniel Hughes24SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Candice Appleby25SUP Surfboard18-49Girl
Anthony Vela26SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Noah Yap27SUP SurfboardU17Guy
Ryan Murphy28SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Diane Wenzel29SUP Surfboard18-49Girl
Lori Park30SUP Surfboard18-49Girl
Mike Vaughan33SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Tamara Lentz34SUP Surfboard18-49Girl
Karl Ring35SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Jim Muir37SUP Surfboard50+Guy
Hector Gonzalez38SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Colin Mcphillips39SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Josh Sleigh40SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Slater Trout41SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Zane Schweitzer43SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Fernando Stalla44SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Matt Becker47SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Dave Figlioli49SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Dave Boehne51SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Mo Freitas58SUP SurfboardU17Guy
Brennan Rose61SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Ryan Helm62SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Tzahui Poo66SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Felipe Bodoque67SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Geovani Cervantes68SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Javier Jimenez70SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Bernd Roediger9SUP 12'6"U17Guy
Fisher Grant14SUP 12'6"U17Guy
Kieran Grant15SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Halie Harrison17SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Zane Schweitzer23SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Daniel Hughes24SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Anthony Vela26SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Ryan Murphy28SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Tamara Lentz34SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Hector Gonzalez38SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Slater Trout41SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Zane Schweitzer43SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Fernando Stalla44SUP 14'18-49Guy
Matt Becker47SUP 14'18-49Guy
Dave Boehne51SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Sean Pangelinan52SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Mo Freitas58SUP 14'U17Guy
Chance Fielder59SUP 14'18-49Guy
Sarah Messina60SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Brennan Rose61SUP 14'18-49Guy
Ryan Helm62SUP 14'18-49Guy
Jeramie Vaine69SUP 14'18-49Guy
Brandi Baksic72SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Jeremiah Lubianca1SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Mike Baker2SUP Surfboard50+Guy
Ralph Yeramian5SUP Surfboard50+Guy
Stacey Mac6SUP Surfboard18-49Girl
Erik Thomas8SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Nick Ventresca10SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Myles Blazer11SUP SurfboardU17Guy
Fisher Grant14SUP SurfboardU17Guy
Kieran Grant15SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Michael Skelly16SUP Surfboard50+Guy
Chuck Trout20SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Giorgio Gomez21SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Izzi Gomez22SUP SurfboardU17Girl
Noah Yap27SUP SurfboardU17Guy
Diane Wenzel29SUP Surfboard18-49Girl
Simon Swart31SUP Surfboard50+Guy
David Whittaker32SUP Surfboard50+Guy
Mike Vaughan33SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Chris Gutzeit36SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Donald Preston42SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Will Taylor46SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Ryan Maloney48SUP SurfboardU17Guy
Michele Shoemaker53SUP SurfboardU17Girl
Tony Stearns54SUP Surfboard50+Guy
Donna Gilio55SUP Surfboard50+Girl
Max Fleming56SUP SurfboardU17Guy
Randy Carlson57SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Chance Fielder59SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Sarah Messina60SUP Surfboard18-49Girl
Noa Hopper63SUP SurfboardU17Guy
Gary Zegley64SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Michael Riley65SUP Surfboard50+Guy
Tzahui Poo66SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Joe Carberry71SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Jeremiah Lubianca1SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Brandon Rambo3SUP 14'18-49Guy
Taylor Rambo4SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Chuck Trout20SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Donald Preston42SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Shawn Tierney45SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Jedd Hasay50SUP 14'18-49Guy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

coming soon!!
Huntington Beach, CA 92648


Mar 22 to Mar 23, 2014


Huntington Beach, CA