Upper Township Beach Patrol MS Bay Row & Paddle

5.19 mile Bay Race for Paddlers:  Begins at 6:15.
Registration at the Deauville Day of or paddleguru.com.
Registration at the Deauville @ 5:00-5:30. 
Pre-Paddle Meeting @ 5:45

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Graham Parker1Prone 12'6"OpenGuy
Tony Mehalic2Prone 12'6"OpenGuy
Bryan Atheiss3Prone 12'6"OpenGuy
Zach Baron4Prone 12'6"OpenGuy
Brian Byles5Prone 12'6"OpenGuy
Tom Coleman6Prone 12'6"OpenGuy
Bruce Hilton7Prone 12'6"OpenGuy
Terrance Boyle11SUP SurfboardOpenGuy
Devon Bateman12SUP SurfboardOpenGuy
Pat Mcvan13SUP SurfboardOpenGuy
Sean Duffey14SUP 14'OpenGuy
David Castellani15SUP 14'OpenGuy
John Ahern16SUP 14'18UGuy
Michael Falciani17SUP (All)18&UMixed
Julie Cagno18SUP (All)18&UMixed
Evanne Ellenberg19SUP 12'6"18UGirl
Jason Chew20SUP 14'OpenGuy
Jennifer Luff21SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Josette Lata22SUP 12'6"18UGirl
Lewis Ostrander23Prone 14'OpenGuy
Michelle Barbera24SUP 12'6"18UGirl
Paul Giunta25SUP (All)18&UMixed
Rachelle Damminger26SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Todd Desatnick28SUP 14'OpenGuy
Tom Rickards29SUP SurfboardOpenGuy
Carl Tripician30SUP (All)18&UMixed
Stacy Golinski31SUP 14'OpenGirl
Tricia Piola32SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Sean Mcavinue33SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Ed O'kinsky34SUP 14'Open 19+Girl
Bruckner Chase35Prone 12'6"OpenGuy
Efstratios Pagidas36SUP 14'OpenGuy
Kim Soparitoaustine37SUP SurfboardOpenGirl
Chad De Satnick38SUP 14'OpenGuy
Steve Swift39SUP 14'OpenGuy
Matt Alankinson40SUP 14'OpenGuy
David Allison41SUP 14'OpenGuy
Wendy Frantz-nussey42SUP SurfboardOpenGirl
Kevin Kelly43Prone 12'6"OpenGuy
Jayne Lukens44SUP 14'Open 19+Girl
Deb Danastasio45SUP 14'OpenGirl
Maggie Kernan46SUP SurfboardOpenGuy
Steve Martinilli47SUP SurfboardOpenGuy
Shannon Oneill48SUP SurfboardOpenGirl
Tiffany Prettyman100SUP SurfboardOpenGuy
Chrissy Swan101SUP SurfboardOpenGirl

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

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Jul 21, 2014


Strathmere, NJ