Upper Township Beach Patrol MS Bay Row & Paddle 2015

5.19 mile Bay Race for Paddlers:  Begins at 6:15.
Registration at the Deauville Day of or paddleguru.com.
Registration at the Deauville @ 5:00-5:30. 
Pre-Paddle Meeting @ 5:45

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John Ahern1SUP 14'Open 19+Guy
Jason Chew2SUP 14'OpenGuy
Dave Allison3Prone 12'6"Open 19+Guy
Paul Giunta4Prone 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19+Guy
Lewis Ostrander5Prone 14'OpenGuy
Tricia Piola6SUP 12'6"Open 19+Girl
Michael Fithian7SUP 14'Open 19+Guy
Mike Hutchings8SUP 14'Open 19+Guy
Sean Geary9SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Laura Dunbar10SUP 12'6"Open 19+Girl
Amy Rihl11SUP 12'6"Open 19+Girl
Clay Mitman12Prone StockOpenGuy
Jim Toolan13SUP 14'Open 19+Guy
Jim Toolan14Prone 10'6"Open 19+Guy
Dawn Robinson15SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Ed O'kinsky16SUP 14'Open 19+Guy
Josette Lata17SUP 12'6"Open 19+Girl
Eric Ransome18SUP 14'Open 19+Guy
Andy Giordano19SUP 14'Open 19+Guy
Tai Menz20Prone 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19+Guy
Robert Del Monte21SUP 14'OpenGuy
Chrissy Swan22SUP 14'Open 19+Girl
Jayne Lukens23SUP 12'6"Open 19+Girl
Jennifer Boyce24SUP 12'6"Open 19+Girl
Zach Weisman25SUP 12'6"Open 19+Guy
Jason Kuharik26SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Michael Marotta27SUP 14'Open 19+Guy
Abbey Sangmeister28SUP 12'6"Open 19+Girl
Ryan Oliver29SUP 14'Open 19+Guy
Kenny Balcerski30SUP 14'Open 19+Guy
Chad De Satnick31SUP 14'Open 19+Guy
Todd Desatnick32SUP 14'Open 19+Guy
Richard Nussey33SUP 14'Open 19+Guy
Kira Daugherty34SUP 12'6"Open 19+Girl
Jennifer Luff35SUP 12'6"Open 19+Girl
Wendy Frantz36SUP 12'6"Open 19+Girl
Kathleen Notos37SUP SurfboardOpen 19+Girl
Patrick Mumman38SUP 12'6"Open 19+Guy
Christopher Mulloy39SUP SurfboardOpen 19+Guy
Sven Peltonen52SUP 14'Open 19+Guy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

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Jul 28, 2015


Strathmere, NJ