Virtual Return to the Pier 2018

It’s a wrap!

Paddlers are an amazing breed. You guys really made a difference. In the three days it took to decide and announce the concept we ended up with 165 virtual entries!
-including a sled dog team from Finland
-paddler from Florida
-we had one racer DQ himself because he felt he had an advantage on his course
-we had a gal who logged in 32 miles on a sup in Dana, 9 of which she “raced” for SB
-we had wavechaser of norcal donate entries
-and we had paddlers, a lot of paddlers, simply register. with no intention of racing because of the need and their desire to support.

you are a fabulous fantastic family. Thank you all!


Click here to go the Santa Barbara Outrigger Canoe Club website.

SAFETY IS STILL A PRIORITY! Please take a PFD and or a leash on your “race”

At some point you have to register and then 
“race” anytime, anywhere, during the day 
and submit your time to
before 6pm Saturday January 13

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Omar Simsek3OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Bret Warner4Prone 14' & UnlimitedOpen 20-39Guy
Linnea Jenkins5SUP 12'6"Open 20-39Girl
Dave Degroot6OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Ron Adelhelm7SUP 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Guy
Emma Sainsbury-carter10Surfski SingleU19Girl
Hugh Brooks13SUP 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Guy
Rob Blagg14SUP 12'6"Open 20-39Guy
Robert Demarco15SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Emily Longwill17SUP 12'6"Open 20-39Girl
Zane Booth18Prone StockU19Guy
Art Beutler19Surfski SingleGolden Masters 60+Guy
Katelyn Nimsky20Surfski SingleU16Girl
Jp Lomonaco23OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Noam Elroi24OC-1U19Guy
Pete Bagoye25OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
David Mcwhirter27OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Erik Sydow28OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Phil Coffman30SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
April Zilg31SUP 12'6"Open 20-39Girl
Casey Annis35Prone 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Guy
Leah Ching39OC-1Open 20-39Girl
Annette Gilkeson42OC-1Golden Masters 60+Girl
Bryan Tucker44SUP 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Guy
Gregory Crouse48V1Masters 40-49Guy
Chuck Williams49OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Kimberly Pennington52OC-1Masters 40-49Girl
Tony Fajardo55SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Guy
Irina Vulakh56OC-1Masters 40-49Girl
Theresa Jamieson58OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Zachary Gonzalez60OC-1U19Guy
Guillaume Escarguel67SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Guy
Doug Bain68OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Cheance Adair69OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Danny Ching72SUP 14' & UnlimitedOpen 20-39Guy
Mike Molinari75SUP 14' & UnlimitedOpen 20-39Guy
Linda Dresbach76OC-1Golden Masters 60+Girl
Ryland Hart79SUP 14' & UnlimitedOpen 20-39Guy
Tony Hart80OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Jeff Kiesel81OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Matt Wiggin82SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
Tracy Kristensen83SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Kevin Dempsey84OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Caren Thompson85OC-1Masters 40-49Girl
Wade Williford87Prone StockMasters 40-49Guy
Dani Hart89OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Ethan Preuett94OC-1U16Guy
Bob Sage96OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Mark Ingemi99SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
Carolyn Partridge100OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Kristen Calderon101SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Ilona White103OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Tanya Welsch108OC-1Masters 40-49Girl
Mary Jane Tomlin109OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Steve Ferry115OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Jeff Slane122OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Nicolas D'angelo123OC-1U16Guy
Will Obermeyer126OC-1U19Guy
Irish Munce127OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Michael Caraway128OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Brian Mitchell129OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Katherine Wellington131OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Shoham Yaniv132ErgOpen 20-39Guy
Andy Thomas133OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Kitty Gabriel135OC-1Golden Masters 60+Girl
Martha Seaman136OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Jim Makuta138OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Melissa Matherly139OC-1Masters 40-49Girl
Kathy Archibald140OC-1Masters 40-49Girl
Charley Houck142OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Renee Shirakawa144OC-1Open 20-39Girl
Shawn Tierney145SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
Alan Chalom146SUP 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Guy
Dan Cohen147OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Shannon Carr-davey148OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Julie Brossy149OC-1Golden Masters 60+Girl
Heidi Stone151SUP 14' & UnlimitedGolden Masters 60+Girl
Val Riley154OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Jim Oleson156OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Kathy De Wet-oleson157OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Christian Klump160OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Christine Harris162OC-1Masters 40-49Girl
Kristy Morris163SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Girl
Rob Rojas165SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
Greg Tuszynski167OC-1Masters 40-49Guy
Omar Simsek3OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Zane Booth18Surfski SingleU19Guy
Art Beutler19OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Cora Wolfe21OC-1Open 20-39Girl
Dave Spitzer22OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Noam Elroi24OC-1U19Guy
David Mcwhirter27OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Claudio Damico29OC-1Masters 40-49Guy
April Zilg31OC-1Open 20-39Girl
Thomas Gallagher32OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Davin Blekeberg34OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Stephanie Siaris38OC-1Masters 40-49Girl
Leah Ching39OC-1Open 20-39Girl
Jimi Spoto40OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Brian Kummer41Surfski SingleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Cameron Fraser45Surfski SingleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Corey Simpson46V1Open 20-39Guy
Tony Serafin47OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Gregory Crouse48V1Masters 40-49Guy
Leah Friedman51OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Nancy Huh53OC-1Open 20-39Girl
Billy Kho54OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Matt Earls57Surfski SingleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Vinny Rosato59OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Earl Almario62V1Masters 40-49Guy
James Gonzales63OC-1Masters 40-49Guy
Lori Davis64Surfski SingleGolden Masters 60+Girl
Randy Miller65OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Rich Long66Surfski SingleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Guillaume Escarguel67OC-1Masters 40-49Guy
Charles Nash70OC-1Masters 40-49Guy
Luca Randi71OC-1Masters 40-49Guy
Danny Ching72OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Robin Gandolfi73OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Scott Diederich77Surfski SingleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Ryland Hart79OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Brian Tyler86OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Wade Williford87OC-1Masters 40-49Guy
Brian Bender90OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Amy Dosier91OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Wes Huston92OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Gerald Montes93OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Maika Scott95V1Open 20-39Guy
Marcia Michel98Surfski SingleSr. Masters 50+Girl
Will Reichenstein102OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Marvin Urena104OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Blake Rohrbach106OC-1U19Guy
Ryan Colloty107Surfski SingleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Ron Galey110Surfski SingleGolden Masters 60+Guy
Barry Borm112Surfski SingleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Susanna Ieng113OC-1Open 20-39Girl
Sema Ieng114OC-1Masters 40-49Guy
Steve Ferry115OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Steve Perez116OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Tyson Poppler118Surfski SingleOpen 20-39Guy
Jim Baumann119OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Will Obermeyer126OC-1U19Guy
Junior Wright130OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Ernie Diaz134OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Melissa Matherly139OC-1Masters 40-49Girl
Dave Brozowski141Surfski SingleOpen 20-39Guy
Josh Crayton143OC-1Masters 40-49Guy
Stephen Sinkus150OC-1Masters 40-49Guy
Moses Ramler152OC-1Open 20-39Guy
John Yamasaki153Surfski SingleGolden Masters 60+Guy
Jim Oleson156OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Kathy De Wet-oleson157OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Di Dootson Rose158OC-1Golden Masters 60+Girl
Ryan Ekedal159OC-1Masters 40-49Guy
Christian Klump160OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Kristin Thomas161SUP (All)Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Richard Hess166OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Susan Stein33OC2Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Jay Sponagle43OC2Golden Masters 60+Mixed
Brennan Hill74OC2Masters 40-49Mixed
Matt Chebatoris155OC2Masters 40-49Guy
Bryan Pesartic37OC2Masters 40-49Guy
James La'a50OC2Masters 40-49Mixed
Cheance Adair69OC2Masters 40-49Girl
Maureen Dempsey88OC2Golden Masters 60+Girl
Mandy Mitchell97OC2Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Robin Maclean105OC2Masters 40-49Girl
Shannon Smith Moritz117OC2Masters 40-49Girl
Rodney Ellis164OC2Open 19-39Mixed

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

4.5 Mile Short Course- in your local/preferred waters 

9 Mile Long course- in you local/preferred waters
Location: That’s up to you..wherever there’s clean water to paddle in! 
Too cold? No clean water? Do you have a concept II or Paddleone machine that can record distance? Then go for it!


Jan 13 to Jan 15, 2018


Santa Barbara, CA