Wai Nui Why Not

OPEN: 12 Kilometers on Lake Ontario ~ Kapunas (seniors) 5 Kilometers 
Surfski and Marathon: 12 Kilometers on Lake Ontario 
SUP 5 Kilometers/10 Kilometers ~ FREE Keiki (children’s) SUP fun relay race in the lagoon to follow the race, demo’s during the race 

Start and finish at Lakefront Promenade Park, Mississauga (go south off Lakeshore 
Road East, east of Cawthra Road) BBQ Luncheon & awards presentation to follow at the 
Mississauga Sailing Club, Lakefront Promenade Park 

Start Time: 10:00 AM Sharp – ALL RACE CATEGORIES Registration 
on race day at 8:30 am & coaches/competitors meeting at 9:30 am

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Kathy Clarke9OC6SeniorAll
Kelly Sheard42OC6SeniorAll
Susanna Balaton68OC6SeniorAll
Anette Winslow61SUP (All)OpenGirl
Bill Sharp1AllAllAll
Richard Carson8AllAllAll
Pam Martin10AllAllAll
Verna Andrews11AllAllAll
Gord Brien12AllAllAll
Ildy Tettero14AllAllAll
Bruce Owen-wahl15AllAllAll
Kerry Bruer16AllAllAll
Linda Sunderland17AllAllAll
Andrew Malcolm19AllAllAll
Maureen Mclaughlin20AllAllAll
Bea Soffers22AllAllAll
Sergio Linarello23AllAllAll
Elizabeth Mask24AllAllAll
Irene Hogendoorn25AllAllAll
Cheryl Smith27AllAllAll
Sarah Porritt30AllAllAll
Christopher Hebert31AllAllAll
Marcus Boyle32AllAllAll
Foruzan Velji34AllAllAll
Christiane Gauthier35AllAllAll
Claire Mackenzie36AllAllAll
Nancy Holt38AllAllAll
Kathleen Terry39AllAllAll
Melvin Hsu40AllAllAll
Jill Norman41AllAllAll
Laurie Vismara43AllAllAll
Paula Laing45AllAllAll
Sue Macdonald47AllAllAll
Debbie Delamere48AllAllAll
Carolyne Dick53AllAllAll
Tom Klajnerman59AllAllAll
Tinh Vu6OC6OpenGuy
Wendy Perkins7OC6OpenGirl
Lilan Chao18OC6OpenMixed
Ae Young Cho26OC6OpenGirl
Patti Whitten44OC6OpenGirl
Maureen Malone46OC6OpenGirl
Christopher Hebert51OC6OpenGuy
Alan Tang52OC6OpenMixed
Zora Zabev57OC6OpenMixed
Joseph Vinluan2OC-1OpenGuy
Susan Humphries, Verna Dalgleish4OC-2OpenAll
Huw David, Danny Marquet13OC-2OpenAll
Leanne Stanley21OC-1OpenAll
Francis Tavenier28OC-1OpenAll
Dawn Lee29OC-1OpenAll
Michelle Davis, Tony Manastersky37OC-2OpenAll
Pete Buday, Emilie Lariviere49OC-2OpenAll
Jake Vd55Surfski SingleOpenAll
Darryl Bohm56Surfski SingleOpenAll
Connie Mellaart58OC-1OpenAll
Andrew Simpson60Surfski SingleOpenAll
Danielle Boisvert, Robert Prosser62OC-2OpenAll
Estella Prosser63Surfski SingleOpenAll
Stan Machacek, Maria Kuzmin65OC-2OpenAll
Ludwig Chu66OC-1OpenAll
Karen Simpson, Liz Loek67OC-2OpenAll
Brooke Powless69OC-1OpenAll
Kris Johnson70OC-1OpenAll
Barbara General71OC-1OpenAll
Leah Sault72OC-1OpenAll
Heinz Kuck73OC-1OpenAll
Beryl Green74Surfski SingleOpenAll
Mike Fekete75Surfski SingleOpenAll
Kevin Kwok77OC-1OpenAll
Chris Lightbound3SUP (All)OpenGuy
Antonio Bruzzese76SUP (All)OpenGuy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Coming Soon!
Wai Nui O Kanaka Outrigger Canoe Club - 2013 - Oakville - Mississuaga 


Jul 12, 2014


Mississauga, ON