Wet Feet Blue Planet Surf WPA Regional Championships 2015



World Paddle Association (WPA) Hawaii Regional Championships

for Stand Up and Prone Paddlers

4.5 Downwinder from Sandy Beach to Hawaii Kai M2O Finish Line

All paddlers compete for awards for the top 3 in each division. Prize Money for 2015 SUP Series points winners! $200/$100/$50 for top 3 male and female SUP racers in the 14' class and $100 for top male and female prone racers in the stock class. Race #2 is June 20th.

Race entry includes a paddle shirt, lunch. Enter online here for $45 or in person at Blue Planet. You can also beach enter on race day for $5 additional.

The race start will be in the water outside of the surf. There is a channel to paddle out to the start line which avoids the surf and we will take our time to make sure everyone gets out to the start line safely.  For race information call 255-6255.

8:00 am to 9:00 am check in and beach entries at Sandy Beach

9:00 am pre race briefing

9:30 am Start

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Blair Thorndike5Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Johan Loo11Prone StockU39Guy
Scott Shimada13Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Colleen Tessler14Prone StockU39Girl
John Hicks20Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Jhonatan Figueroa21Prone StockU39Guy
Brad Gaul22Prone StockU39Guy
Gregory Quinn23Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Robert Warren24Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Douglas Sangillo25Prone StockU39Guy
Joanna Bilancieri27Prone StockMasters 40+Girl
Walter Machado1SUP Unlimited50+Guy
Jason Stephens2SUP 14'30-49Guy
Jane Mckee3SUP 14'50+Girl
Jimmy Martindale4SUP Unlimited30-49Guy
Kaihe Chong6SUP 14'18-29Guy
Mariya Gold7SUP 14'30-49Girl
Jimmy Fitt8SUP Unlimited30-49Guy
Natalie Scarborough9SUP 14'30-49Girl
Joey Enoka10SUP Unlimited30-49Guy
Scott Mcphail12SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Kelsa Gabehart15SUP 14'30-49Girl
Lyman Ashikawa16SUP 14'50+Guy
Sven Wesley17SUP 14'30-49Guy
Robert Stehlik18SUP 14'30-49Guy
Jennifer Lee19SUP 14'30-49Girl
Herbie Titcomb26SUP 14'50+Guy

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Race Course and Safety Recommendations:  Wear a leash, bright clothes, and a Personal Flotation Device. Familiarize yourself with the race course. Have an emergency plan. If you don’t finish the race call the race phone! Carry a cell phone, whistle, flare, EPIRB, or flag to signal an emergency. Know basic first aid and CPR. The race will start in the water at Sandy Beach and finish in Hawaii Kai at the M2O finish line. Be careful of the boat channel in Hawaii Kai near the finish line. Go to http://www.wetfeethawaii.com/Wet-Feet-Blue-Planet-Surf-Race.jpg for a course map. The race phone and information line is 808-255-6255.  On race day check in is from 8:00 am to 9:00 am.   The pre-race briefing is at 9:00 am.  Start time is 9:30 am for all paddlers. The conditions can be rough and using a wider SUP board is recommended. For SUP paddling on your knees or seated is allowed at any time if you cannot balance.

Take Kalanianaole Highway east past Hanauma Bay and the Blowhole to Sandy Beach. Late registration and check in will be in the parking lot past the restrooms.


May 24, 2015


Honolulu, HI