Wild Buffalo Race Presented by Puakea Designs

Each Paddler needs to register on Paddleguru. 

The Wild Buffalo Relay is an all new small craft relay race within the SoCal Ocean Racing winter series. The race will include all small crafts with relay teams of 2-4 people (depending on the craft). The race will run from Two Harbors, Catalina Island, CA to NAC, Newport Beach, CA. This is a 40 mile course.

Friday, April 6: Yoga, Paddler Happy Hour, Paddler Check in

Saturday, April 7th: Yoga, Hiking, Clinics, Dinner, Registration, Race Meeting

Sunday, April 8th: Race from Two Harbors to NAC

*All of these activities will be included in your race fee.

Accommodations: More information to come - email Kelly@puakeadesigns.com if interested in room block options

Tent Cabins are Available at Two Harbors

Sponsorship Opportunities Still Available


Friday, April 6: Yoga, Paddler Happy Hour, Paddler Check in

Saturday, April 7th: Yoga, Hiking, Clinics, Dinner, Registration, Race Meeting

Sunday, April 8th: Race from Two Harbors to NAC

*All of these activities will be included in your race fee.

Race Starts TBD

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Jordan Mckee, Scott Shoemaker48SUP 14' (2 Person)OpenGuy
Jordan Mckee, Scott Shoemaker49SUP 14' (2 Person)OpenGuy
Cora Wolfe, Leah Ching1OC-1 (2 Person)OpenGirl
Matt Krey - Outrigger Santa Cruz, Jet Tan, Yohei Rosen2OC-1 (3 Person)OpenGuy
Dave Krueger, Val Stepanchuk3OC-1 (2 Person)OpenGuy
Yohei Rosen, Jet Tan - Outrigger Santa Cruz, Matt Krey - Outrigger Santa Cruz4OC-1 (3 Person)OpenGuy
Yohei Rosen - Outrigger Santa Cruz, Jet Tan - Outrigger Santa Cruz, Matt Krey - Outrigger Santa Cruz5OC-1 (3 Person)OpenGuy
Melissa Romero, Brigitte Duran, Susan Coon, Loren Nelson7OC-2 (4 Person)Masters 40+Girl
Chantalle Le - Outrigger Santa Cruz, Matt Krey - Outrigger Santa Cruz8OC-1 (2 Person)OpenGuy
Kala Diaz, Bronson Napoleon-kekaualua10OC-1 (2 Person)OpenGuy
Brent Campbell, Maika Scott11OC-1 (2 Person)OpenGuy
Megan Welsh, Junyi Chung12OC-1 (2 Person)OpenMixed
Josh Crayton13V1Masters 40+Guy
Katie Irwin, Christine Harris, Jenn Needham14OC-1 (3 Person)OpenGirl
Jerry Marcil, Bob Bones, Ray Shipman, Karl Fjoslien16OC-2 (4 Person)Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Mike Meyers, Ryan Voci, Phillip Voci17OC-1 (3 Person)Masters 40+Guy
Rosemary Vasquez, Anne Cook, Cecilia Ng, Margaret Coulombe18OC-2 (4 Person)Masters 40+Girl
Brandon Winslow, Micah Winslow19OC-1 (2 Person)OpenGuy
Wade Williford, Ty Aweau20OC-1 (2 Person)Masters 40+Guy
Will Schmidt, Omar Simsek22OC-1 (2 Person)OpenGuy
Susan Stein, Leah Friedman23OC-1 (2 Person)Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Mike Rubin, David Waynar24OC-1 (2 Person)OpenGuy
Sarah Craig, Kari Hiraiwa, Emily Dashiell25OC-1 (3 Person)OpenGirl
Meghann Schmidt, Kas Metzler27OC-1 (2 Person)OpenGirl
Eric Starnes, Tim Dougherty28OC-1 (2 Person)Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Wendy Dewitt, Karen Click, Amy Blackley Williford29OC-1 (3 Person)Masters 40+Girl
Bob Woodman, Joel Strimling30OC-1 (2 Person)Masters 40+Guy
Amy Marshall, Shannon Hartnett, Robin Gandolfi31OC-1 (3 Person)Masters 40+Girl
Bob Stevenson, Lance Cummings, Paul Webster32OC-1 (3 Person)Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Leanne Stanley, Rell Wolfe33OC-1 (2 Person)OpenGirl
Scott Murdock, Thomas Gallagher34OC-1 (2 Person)Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Daran Ah Tou, George Marshall, Kai Kealoha35OC-1 (3 Person)Masters 40+Guy
Yoko Mcmillin, Rachel Marcuson, Marisa Mora, Marisa Mora37OC-2 (4 Person)OpenGirl
Robi Rousset, Jimi Spoto38OC-1 (2 Person)OpenGuy
Tim Storey, Saul Dobson39OC-1 (2 Person)OpenGuy
April Zilg, Jennifer Fratzke40OC-1 (2 Person)OpenGirl
Ruben Ruiz, Brennan Hill41OC-1 (2 Person)Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Kevin Ceran-jerusalemy42V1OpenGuy
Tupuria King43V1OpenGuy
Thomas Gallagher, Scott Murdock44OC-1 (2 Person)Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Danny Ching, Ryland Hart45OC-1 (2 Person)OpenGuy
Ryland Hart, Danny Ching46OC-1 (2 Person)OpenGuy
Kaihe Chong, Stephen Sinkus47OC-1 (2 Person)OpenGuy
Charles Nash, Kjell Hiniker, Ernie Diaz50OC-1 (3 Person)Masters 40+Guy
Cat Bell, Dani Bell, Martin Jarolimek51OC-1 (3 Person)OpenMixed
Dan Huncke, Kurt Obermeyer52OC-1 (2 Person)Masters 40+Guy
Kim Chamlin, Marisa Mora, Yoko Mcmillin, Rachel Marcuson53OC-2 (4 Person)OpenGirl
Josephine Monge, Courtney Hamchuk, Junette Mccarthy, Jennifer Holcomb54OC-2 (4 Person)OpenGirl
Cheance Adair, Shannon Smith Moritz, Simine Dadgar Carlo, Rose Hinchcliff57OC-2 (4 Person)Masters 40+Girl
Will Reichenstein, Tyson Poppler58OC-1 (2 Person)OpenGuy
Dave Brozowski, Claudio Damico59OC-1 (2 Person)OpenGuy
Joseph Muin, George Marshall, Daran Ah Tou60OC-1 (3 Person)Masters 40+Guy
Colin Mcguire, Mike Rubin, Tracy Cone61OC-1 (3 Person)OpenMixed
Teresa Wilson, Steyn Visagie9Surfski (2 Person)Masters 40+Mixed
Maggie Hogan, Michele Eray56Surfski (2 Person)OpenGirl

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Apr 8, 2018


Two Harbors, CA