Wye Island Regatta 2016

This Annual 13.1 Mile River Race starts at the Wye Landing on the Wye East River, 18 miles southeastof the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and circumnavigates around historic WyIsland a natural preserve.  It is the only 100% “people-powered” paddle/rowing regatta in the US.  It features traditional rowing shells with singles, doubles, four-oared, and eight-oared rowing; one and two person kayaking; outrigger canoes, regular canoes, lorries, and SUP course (6 mile or 13.1 mile).  The regatta is well marked, highly supervised and timed for those who wish to earn medals.  The 13.1-mile “half-marathon” is well protected from the Chesapeake Bay’s open waters and is delightfully scenic.


On shore, the venue is complete with food and beverage service, vendor tents, ample field parking, awards and event merchandise.  In its 24th year, the event draws over 500 participants ranging from High School teams and clubs to 80+-year-old paddlers and rowers coming from a dozen different states.  The regatta draws rowers, canoeists, and kayakers from the Mid-Atlantic region to participate in a nature friendly Chesapeake Bay “green” event.


Annapolis Rowing Club (ARC) serves as the annual host and is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization located in Annapolis, Maryland. We serve the community and those who love rowing, and those who want to learn to row. We also feature a special cause: Strokes4Survivors.  This special group of cancer survivors receives special training from ARC and come together and row socially with the equipment, coaching and training provided by ARC.  Strokes4Survivors have been featured locally in regional news and magazine publications.  

  1. Cox & Boat Captains Meeting w/ Officials 8:40a
  2. Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Mass Start 9:05a
  3. Kayak Challenge Event - Mass Start 9:15a
  4. Canoe & Outrigger Canoes 9:25a
  5. Miscellaneous Fixed and Sliding Seat 9:35a
  6. Women’s Recreational 1x 9:45a
  7. Men’s Recreational 1x 9:55a
  8. Women’s Racing 1x 10:00a
  9. Men’s Racing 1x 10:05a
  10. Women, Men, Mixed 2- 10:10a
  11. Women, Men, Mixed 2x 10:15a
  12. Men, Women, Mixed 4+ 10:25a
  13. Men, Women, Mixed 4x 10:45a
  14. Women 8+ 11:00a
  15. Mixed 8+ 11:15a
  16. Men 8+ / 8x All 11:30a

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Teresa Byrnes4SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Hype Mattingly28Surfski SingleAllGirl
Sara Jordan29SUP UnlimitedAllGirl
Erik Kauffman30SUP 14'AllGuy
Joe Ward31SUP 14'AllGuy
Fielding Pagel32SUP 14'AllGuy
Daniel Rapp120SUP 14'AllGuy
Michaela Carpenter131SUP 14'AllGirl
Mary Howser139SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Alicia Shea142SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Neil Macindoe143SUP 14'AllGuy
Wayne Best167SUP 14'AllGuy
Matt Jones168SUP UnlimitedAllGuy
Joseph Mcmaster169SUP UnlimitedAllGuy
Jeff Cook170SUP 14'AllGuy
Mariano Daguiar171SUP 14'AllGuy
Travis Warren172SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Sonia Montes De Oca8SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Julie Borsetti101SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Sarah Nelson107SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Malissa Austin108SUP 14'AllGirl
Michelle Scott110SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Lisa Long111SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Mark Sanfacon112SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Jeff Sanfacon113SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Charlie Martel114SUP 14'AllGuy
Dan Young115SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Patrick Mona116SUP 14'AllGuy
John Richardson117SUP 14'AllGuy
David Rohrer118SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Cody Iorns119SUP 14'AllGuy
Teresa Plitt146SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Bryan Barton147SUP 14'AllGuy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

For directions via GPS: use 12587 Wye Landing Ln, Wye Mills, MD.

From U.S. 50 East/Bay Bridge (East bound): Turn right on Rt. MD-662 N. (Old Wye Mills Rd.), proceed through Wye Mills, turn right on Wye Landing Lane follow until you see Parking Attendants and Regatta Signs. 

From U.S. 50/301 West/Easton (West bound): Turn left on Rt. MD-662 N. (Old Wye Mills Rd.) then left onto Wye Landing Lane; follow until you see Parking Attendants and Regatta Signs. 

Vehicles with special parking requirements, such as crew trailers, motor homes, school buses; Please arrive by 7:45 A.M. to guarantee convenient parking is available. Passenger car parking is free, but is limited so please car-pool with your crew! Cars may be directed to park off site for overflow. Competitors to include car-top and truck-trailers will get priority parking. Parking attendants will be onsite to direct traffic.


Sep 10, 2016


Wye Mills, MD