Quiksilver Waterman Collection 



$30,000 Prize Purse

An event of survival, endurance and bravery…There will be only one true Waterman. 

10 x Molokai champion, big wave charger, and paddboarding legend Jamie Mitchell brings a new, innovative concept to ocean racing.  An exciting and original format for both competitors and spectators, the 2016 Quiksilver Watermans Festival is like no other event. 

Challenge yourself with a relentless survivor race or push your limits in the One Mile SUP course. Off the board, sign up for a range of challenging swim courses or enter Dash for Cash back to the sand for some fun. The 2016 Quiksilver Waterman’s festival is designed to suit all levels of competitor.  

**NOTE** There will be no onsite registration. Registration will be closed at 4pm PST August 13th
6:30-10:00am Athlete check in
745am- Briefing for 1 Mile Swim
8:00am-  Open Water 1 Mile Swim 
9:00am- Briefing for 5 Mile Race / 1 mile Intermediate race - Mens and Womens 9:15am- Open 5 Mile Prone & SUP Paddleboard Race
9:30am - 1 Mile Intermidiate Race
11:00am- Briefing for JM Survivor Swim Race - Mens and Womens
11:15am- Survivor Swim Race Womens (30 min)
11:30 am - Briefing for JNR Lifeguard Races
11:45am- Survivor Swim Race Mens(30 min)
12:15pm- JNR Lifeguard Races (45 min)
1:15pm JM SUP Survivor Briefing - Mens and Women’s
1:30pm Survivor SUP Womens ( 45 min)
2:15pm Survivor SUP Mens (45 min)
3:15pm Briefing survivor Lifeguard 
3:30pm  Survivor Lifeguard (45 min)
4:15:pm Briefing - DASH FOR CASH

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Foster Campbell4Prone Stock18-39Guy
James Riley6Prone Stock39-49Guy
Nick Malcolm7Prone Stock18-39Guy
Will Lisbin9SUP 14'18-39Guy
Clint Kimmins10Prone Unlimited18-39Guy
Aaron Blanco11Prone Stock17 & UnderGuy
Rick Stinson13SUP 14'39-49Guy
Patrick Cleveland16SUP 12'6"17 & UnderGuy
Craig Souto17SUP 14'50+Guy
Abby Brown21Prone Stock18-39Girl
Matt Hartnett23SUP 12'6"18-39Guy
Lachie Lansdown24Prone Stock18-39Guy
Brendan Donohue25Prone Stock18-39Guy
Tamara Lentz32SUP 12'6"39-49Girl
Chris Meinhold33Prone Stock18-39Guy
Rodney Ellis45Prone Stock39-49Guy
Canon Smith47Prone Unlimited18-39Guy
Hunter Pflueger49Prone Stock17 & UnderGuy
Lily Schryer Rindge50SUP 12'6"17 & UnderGirl
Kristin Thomas53SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Tiffany Tudyk55SUP 12'6"18-39Girl
Mace Camhe57SUP 14'39-49Guy
Rich D'souza62SUP 14'50+Guy
Liz Hunter63Prone Stock18-39Girl
Zeke Rose64SUP 12'6"17 & UnderGuy
Keaton Rose65SUP 12'6"17 & UnderGuy
Robert Howson66SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Chris Aguilar67Prone Unlimited40-49Guy
Bryan Tucker69SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Jonas Letieri70SUP 12'6"18-39Guy
Rodney Harvey72Prone Stock50+Guy
Alex Merrill74Prone Unlimited18-39Guy
Shane Scoggins75Prone Stock18-39Guy
Joe Scaturro76Prone Stock18-39Guy
Dan Mann77Prone Unlimited40-49Guy
Heidi Stone78SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Lance Mann79Prone Stock17 & UnderGuy
Alan Chalom81SUP 14'50+Guy
Dale Marnati83SUP 14'50+Guy
Manny Dominguez84SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Kurt Benson86SUP 14'50+Guy
Jim Baumann87SUP 14'50+Guy
Kristy Morris88SUP 12'6"18-39Girl
William Mcgrath90SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Dave Anderson91SUP 14'50+Guy
William Kindel93Prone Unlimited50+Guy
Ben Smith94SUP 14'40-49Guy
Marcus Hatch95Prone Unlimited40-49Guy
Peter Lakos99SUP 14'40-49Guy
Daniel Russell100SUP 12'6"18-39Guy
Dan Miller101SUP 14'18-39Guy
Callan Dick103SUP 14'18-39Guy
Dwayne Bora104SUP 14'50+Guy
John Bland105SUP 14'50+Guy
Robyn Miller106SUP 12'6"18-39Girl
Michael Kelley107SUP 14'50+Guy
Wes Stone109Prone Stock50+Guy
Chuck Glynn113Prone Stock18-39Guy
George Plsek114Prone Stock40-49Guy
Chris Mumford119SUP 14'18-39Guy
Andew Mencinsky126SUP 14'40-49Guy
Jim Terrell127SUP 14'50+Guy
Will Taylor128SUP 12'6"18-39Guy
Alejandra Brito129SUP 12'6"18-39Girl
Veronica Wold130SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Jack Bark131SUP Unlimited18-39Guy
Clint Kimmins10All18-39Guy
Lachie Lansdown24All18-39Guy
Chris Meinhold33All18-39Guy
Kevin Wallis36All39-49Guy
David Widom40All39-49Guy
Rodney Ellis45All39-49Guy
Kristin Thomas53All50+Girl
Steve Knoell54All50+Guy
Tiffany Tudyk55All18-39Girl
Alex Merrill74All18-39Guy
Jason Waters89All40-49Guy
Hank Wise102All40-49Guy
Brenda Gustin108All50+Girl
Wes Stone109All50+Guy
Hayden Hemmens111All18-39Guy
Michael Collins112All50+Guy
Nick Malcolm7AllOpenGuy
Lincoln Dews8AllOpenGuy
Clint Kimmins10AllOpenGuy
Matt Poole22AllOpenGuy
Lachie Lansdown24AllOpenGuy
Chris Meinhold33AllOpenGuy
Kevin Wallis36AllOpenGuy
Rodney Ellis45AllOpenGuy
Hank Wise102AllOpenGuy
Hayden Hemmens111AllOpenGuy
Michael Collins112AllOpenGuy
Ben Brewer117AllOpenGuy
Brian Murphy118AllOpenGuy
Chris Mumford119AllOpenGuy
Matt Roh120AllOpenGuy
Connor Baxter1SUP (All)OpenGuy
Leonard Nika2SUP (All)OpenGuy
Giorgio Gomez3SUP (All)OpenGuy
Lincoln Dews8SUP (All)OpenGuy
Clint Kimmins10SUP (All)OpenGuy
Kyle O'kelly14SUP (All)OpenGuy
Patrick Cleveland16SUP (All)OpenGuy
Danny Ching28SUP (All)OpenGuy
Casper Steinfath30SUP (All)OpenGuy
Mo Freitas31SUP (All)OpenGuy
Tamara Lentz32SUP (All)OpenGirl
Belar Diaz34SUP (All)OpenGuy
Travis Grant37SUP (All)OpenGuy
Ryan Helm39SUP (All)OpenGuy
Martin Letourneur41SUP (All)OpenGuy
Cyril Burguiere44SUP (All)OpenGuy
Rodney Ellis45SUP (All)OpenGuy
Bullet Obra48SUP (All)OpenGuy
Hunter Pflueger49SUP (All)OpenGuy
Slater Trout51SUP (All)OpenGuy
Brian Meyer52SUP (All)OpenGuy
Dave Boehne56SUP (All)OpenGuy
Toby Cracknell58SUP (All)OpenGuy
Jade Howson59SUP (All)OpenGirl
Tyler Bashor61SUP (All)OpenGuy
Liz Hunter63SUP (All)OpenGirl
Zeke Rose64SUP (All)OpenGuy
Keaton Rose65SUP (All)OpenGuy
Hanson Siverts68SUP (All)OpenGuy
Jonas Letieri70SUP (All)OpenGuy
Josh Riccio80SUP (All)OpenGuy
Puyo Titouan85SUP (All)OpenGuy
Jedd Hasay96SUP (All)OpenGuy
Jake Jensen97SUP (All)OpenGuy
Michael Booth98SUP (All)OpenGuy
Daniel Russell100SUP (All)OpenGuy
Callan Dick103SUP (All)OpenGuy
Taylor Rambo110SUP (All)OpenGuy
Chuck Glynn113SUP (All)OpenGuy
George Plsek114SUP (All)OpenGuy
Zane Schweitzer115SUP (All)OpenGuy
Gavin Mencinsky116SUP (All)OpenGuy
Foster Campbell4Prone 10'6"OpenGuy
Nick Malcolm7Prone 10'6"OpenGuy
Lincoln Dews8Prone 10'6"OpenGuy
Clint Kimmins10Prone 10'6"OpenGuy
Abby Brown21Prone 10'6"OpenGirl
Matt Poole22Prone 10'6"OpenGuy
Lachie Lansdown24Prone 10'6"OpenGuy
Canon Smith47Prone 10'6"OpenGuy
Bullet Obra48Prone 10'6"OpenGuy
Hunter Pflueger49Prone 10'6"OpenGuy
Toby Cracknell58Prone 10'6"OpenGuy
Shane Scoggins75Prone 10'6"OpenGuy
George Plsek114Prone 10'6"OpenGuy
Zane Schweitzer115Prone 10'6"OpenGuy
Ben Brewer117Prone 10'6"OpenGuy
Brian Murphy118Prone 10'6"OpenGuy
Andew Mencinsky126Prone 10'6"OpenGuy
Jack Bark131Prone 10'6"OpenGuy
James Bray132Prone 10'6"OpenGuy
David Buckelew133Prone 10'6"OpenGuy
Aaron Blanco11All15 & UnderGuy
Sterling Coberly27All15 & UnderGuy
Belah Ellis46All15 & UnderGirl
Jade Howson59All15 & UnderGirl
Max Piseli124All15 & UnderGuy
Harrison Gardner125All15 & UnderGuy
Troy Brooks5SUP (All)OpenGuy
Clint Kimmins10SUP (All)OpenGuy
Kyle O'kelly14SUP (All)OpenGuy
Jennifer Dail19SUP (All)OpenGirl
Jennifer Humboldt38SUP (All)OpenGirl
Belah Ellis46SUP (All)OpenGirl
Hunter Pflueger49SUP (All)OpenGuy
Soryn Preston60SUP (All)17UGirl
Zeke Rose64SUP (All)17UGuy
Kitsy Nipper73SUP (All)OpenGirl
Mike Pahl92SUP (All)18-39Guy
Gavin Mencinsky116SUP (All)17UGuy
Alexandra Von Winterfeldt121SUP (All)40-49Girl
Foster Campbell4AllOpenGuy
Nick Malcolm7AllOpenGuy
Lincoln Dews8AllOpenGuy
Clint Kimmins10AllOpenGuy
Matt Poole22AllOpenGuy
Lachie Lansdown24AllOpenGuy
Kevin Wallis36AllOpenGuy
Hunter Pflueger49AllOpenGuy
Shane Scoggins75AllOpenGuy
Hank Wise102AllOpenGuy
Foster Campbell4AllOpenGuy
Nick Malcolm7AllOpenGuy
Lincoln Dews8AllOpenGuy
Clint Kimmins10AllOpenGuy
Jennifer Noonan12AllOpenGirl
Candice Appleby15AllOpenGirl
Abby Brown21AllOpenGirl
Matt Poole22AllOpenGuy
Lachie Lansdown24AllOpenGuy
Michael Vasta29AllOpenGuy
Terrene Black43AllOpenGirl
Canon Smith47AllOpenGuy
Bullet Obra48AllOpenGuy
Hunter Pflueger49AllOpenGuy
Shane Scoggins75AllOpenGuy
Kristin Thomas53AllOpenGirl
Liz Hunter63AllOpenGirl
Brenda Gustin108AllOpenGirl
Candice Appleby15SUP (All)OpenGirl
Talia Gangini Decoite18SUP (All)OpenGirl
Shae Foudy20SUP (All)OpenGirl
Annabel Anderson26SUP (All)OpenGirl
Lexi Alston35SUP (All)OpenGirl
Mel Wygal42SUP (All)OpenGirl
Terrene Black43SUP (All)OpenGirl
Kitsy Nipper73SUP (All)OpenGirl
Bailey Rosen82SUP (All)OpenGirl
Jennifer Noonan12Prone 10'6"OpenGirl
Candice Appleby15Prone 10'6"OpenGirl
Annabel Anderson26Prone 10'6"OpenGirl
Terrene Black43Prone 10'6"OpenGirl
Carter Graves122Prone 10'6"OpenGirl
Jenna Solberg123Prone 10'6"OpenGirl

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

5 Mile SUP and Prone Race

Survivor Race

1 Mile Intermediate SUP Race

1 Mile Swim Race

Beach Blvd

Huntington Beach, CA 92648



Aug 14, 2016


Huntington Beach, CA